“Goodie Two Decks” – Advanced Looks at Darkrai/Garbodor and Team Plasma

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    Great article. Here in New Zealand, it's quite difficult to get my hands on promo Landorus... Is there another alternative for my plasma deck when I face Darkrai?
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    why only 3 float stone? i thought 4 was a given?

    In my playtesting the second i attach a tool other than float stone to garbodor, they immediately catcher it, and i have to draw into my one switch or tool scrapper, or my dowsing machine if i have already played either item, and i cant ever seem to draw into them after the situation presents itself. Thoughts?
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    Slight grammar error I found here in the Darkrai section:

    "Only 2 copies of Darkari EX seems low"
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    Interesting read with great advice as always!

    I would be curious on a thought process though. With Regionals being so time-crunched, wouldn't playing a reactive Darkrai/Garb be disadvantageous compared to one more capable of early Darkrais. This happens both with list build and with playing decisions.

    For instance, the turn one attachment seems to dictate the game for the Darkrai/Garb player. If it's attached to Sableye, you're practically committing to playing Catch-up and Catcher/Stalling the opponent until you can seize an opportunity and wail on them. If it's attached to Darkrai instead, you can threaten the turn 2 Night Spear, and more realistically hit the turn 3 Night Spear with ease. This plays a significant role in the pressure you apply to your opponent.

    My thoughts would be that playing the reactive 'attach to Sableye first, spam the crap out of Junk Hunt' approach is best for a player going 2nd in the game. But if you've won the coin flip, unless your hand gives you no hope of hitting a quick Night Spear, attaching to Darkrai allows you more paths to follow as you establish your board position. You may default to Sableye for turn 2, but you could Night Spear instead.

    Minor build changes facilitate your deck's adaptive ability, like running 9 Dark or 3rd Darkrai (though you've got Absol which works well for the reactive approach's similarly aggressive start).

    Just wondering if, on reflection of the points I've made as Devil's Advocate, you would still feel the reactive Darkrai approach is the better play for Regionals?
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    Noice good catch bruv! I'll fix it in a sec.
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    Oh yeah.

    Also, I'm happy you still consider Garbage Collection Trubbish @JayHornung. I loved that card. But I don't think you'll find anyone playing it in a tournament until perhaps the new palace-style BW-on format is introduced. It's really a non-issue at this point :p
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    Maniary: Honestly I don't think there is...I mean you could play a Landerous EX its good in the Darkrai match up. I just think Plasma Landerous is all around better.

    OldSchool: The Silver Mirror is easily replaceable with a 4th Floatstone. The mirror is just really good against Plasma, but I'd honestly play a 2nd Dark Claw over the 4th Stone. I'd also say 3 Stone is standard...most of the list I've seen just run 3, but you could easily play 4. You do have to play a bit tighter with 3 than you would with 4.

    Crawdaunt: I would say T3 NightSpear is pretty realistic regardless of where you attach the energy. I mean...if i had T2 Night Spear by attaching to the Darkrai of course I would do it, but if you attach just hoping to hit it and wiff than your missing out on 2 turns of attacking and probably lost the game. Speed Darkrai is considerably less viable without Energy Switch...so honestly no I wouldn't change a thing.
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    Great article as always Jay. Just curious what your thought is on 1-2 Bicycle in Darkrai? I like having the Junk Huntable draw card that I can usually draw an extra 1-2 cards with, then play my Supporter per turn.
  10. OldSchool420

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    In my testing Bike has proved powerful with this deck
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  11. killerpotatoe

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    I still wonder why people play Enhanced, Silver mirror, or Skyla. I feel that plasma is an auto win barring a dead hand (which are easily avoidable) due to repeated catcher/laser/dark claw night spears until you ko 3 exs. Skyla has always been underwhelming to me in any deck other than stage 2 decks and big basics/garb from states. I play garb like a conservative Darkrai with a garb line to limit plasma's damage, allow me to laser sect/virizion, and easily beat stoise. In that way, Skyla becomes very underwhelming. My supporter lineup is this:

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    4 Random Receiver (very good with junt hunt)
    1 Bicycle
    1 Bianca
    1 Computer Search

    Lex's supporter lineup only gave 13 outs for a draw card for t1. Bianca and Bicycle get the job done, they aren't great, but I feel are better than Skyla.

    Am I missing something?

    Also, garbage collection Trubbish was rotated :'( . I will never forget catchering out blastoises and deck them out. RIP 2011-2012
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    Parenting: The 1 Ghetsis is a floating spot I've also considered Colress and Bike. The only thing I really don't like about Bike is that it promotes you to burn your resources which is really the opposite of what a control deck should do. I think 1-2 though is great!

    Killer: I'll disagree...I run all 3 and find Plasma 70-30 best.

    I agree Lex's 13 was to low, but he wanted Plasma to be an Autowin and the 3rd Enhanced is huge.
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