“Gotta Go Fast” – Regionals Recap and Deck Discussion Heading into City Championships

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    Just wanted to expand on the hooh idea:

    Suicune is for either blastoise/Landorus/Virizion decks. It walls them barring a baby black Kyurem/hydro pump, or a garbodor or a tropius/GBooster respectively. In the stoise match if they just kill your suicune with a stoise you just x-ball/laser bank(same idea vs a baby black Kyurem), or tropius energy press them.

    Vs plasma just play like it's the Virizion/mewtwo matchup vs plasma match up.

    Darkrai could be an issue, but suicune handles it well enough with a grass to prevent lasers.

    -Andy Kay
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    Hey Jon, nice article! Here are a few thoughts:

    Is there anything to this deck, or just a random rogue that happened to make it to 3-1?

    In your Regionals list, is there a particular reason for not playing Tool Scrapper? I played a similar deck for Regionals, but opted for 2 Tool Scrappers. Perhaps I got stuck playing against too much Silver Mirror at local league... but I also found it to be very beneficial for getting rid of Dark Claws.

    As for the 50-minute best of 3, I went 5-4, never having a tie. At least 1 of my opponent's lost because they did not manage their time in Game 2 correctly. He took far too long with every decision. I obviously let him. Even in testing, 50-minutes didn't seem too bad. I'm thankful it wasn't 60 minutes, or Indiana Regionals would have went on till 1am. I'm thinking if the 50-minutes keeps up for a few more months, players will adapt. Either in deck choice, or play-style.

    I really enjoyed some of your deck lists. The 1-1 Cofagrigus tech is really creative, something I would have never thought of!

    Lastly, it seems if decks start to get too creative (Empoleon/Dusknoir) then Garbodor will again have a chance to shine. I look forward to how the format changes between creative Ability combos, followed by Garbodor's rise, and ending back with simpler, non-ability decks. And then watching the cycle repeat.
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    I wanna throw in some thoughts on Lugia since it's the deck I tested the most in the old format (I haven't tested NXD-LTR yet though).

    1. Two Lugia was enough for me before, and two should be even more adequate now that it's safer on the Bench.

    2. Games were always over for me so quickly that the Cofagrigus ploy never really worked. Either I won quickly or my opponent beat me quickly.

    3. I dearly preferred Plasma Ball over Ultra Ball. It's probably even better now since Ultra Ball doesn't even aid in a turn 1 Raiden Knuckle half the time (since you won't be able to attack). 4 Skyla is also probably best since your best turn 1 move (half the time) will be to get a Beach or a Computer Search or Juniper for the following turn.

    4. Genesect might work... I get what you're saying about only needing 2 Plasma Energies for Lugia to attack, but in reality you will Colress Machine onto each one multiple times so you can attack faster and you might even have to attach from your hand too or discard them early to Raiden Knuckle. I could only see you getting maybe 1 Red Signal off per game, in which case your odds with a couple Pokemon Catcher might be just as good.

    @kgenthe the lack of Tool Scrapper in Jon's Plasma deck was a metagame call that it seems several people made at Philly Regionals. Sam Chen didn't run it either in his winning Blastoise. I took it out of my deck last minute too. @MDiaz1 might have been the only person there running Silver Mirrors, which netted him some easy wins en route to Top 4. Smart calls by everyone all around.
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    kgenthe - The Porygon deck was creative, but I didn't see it as necessarily effective. It ran Tornadus EX, Bouffalant DRX, and Dialga EX. I won both games by putting small damage increments on everything and then wiping all the energy off his board with a surprise Helix force, as all of his main attacks needed 4 Energy.

    The reason I chose not to run Scrapper was because I found that it really didn't save me vs. Silver Mirror. The decks that ran them either ran 3-4, or Sableye to get them back, so I would have had to run like 2 and Dowsing Machine or something that I didn't have space for. Mirror just isn't a good card in my opinion, and only really belongs in Trubbish where lots of Tools are needed anyways.

    I stand by my choice to use Cofagrigus in the current format, and here's why:

    Adam, I fully agree with the comment you made about Genesect not being 100% reliable due to Colress Machine taking some away. However, against EX-oriented decks, here's how I see this playing out. Assume you have to Colress Machine for a third Plasma Energy, effectively leaving you with one Red Signal. If this is the case, bewtween Max Potion and retreating damaged Pokemon your opponent would be capable of leaving you at 3 prizes the entire game. That is exactly where Cofagrigus comes into play. Additionally, using it right before an N, making for either 5, 3, or 1, can make all the difference.

    As much of this is conditional on all 4 Plasma Energy being accessible, I added Town Map to help ensure they are. Unless you can take your first EX knockout without using Cofagrigus, you will just have to be Adamant on not dropping your fourth Plasma Energy into play too early.

    The Ultra Balls are in here for more than setting up Thundurus, although you still want to do that because using Raiden Knuckle is an intrinsic part of setting up your damage map against your opponent. They are also here to, in addition to getting out Yamask, around to remove things you won't need for matchups such as Max Potion against Blastoise, excess Tropical Beaches, Thundurus, and Colress Machines, or just any general junk that you won't be wanting to see off of an N to 3, because once you've got everything in play, the only thing that can really prevent you from winning is not being able to draw what you need, and having a look at a minimum of 4 cards isn't always enough. Ultra Ball helps bridge the gap. I left the single Plasma Ball for the option to Skyla for it to help unfold my Bench early to mid game, and it still grabs Cofagrigus.

    All of the above was drawn as conclusions from a day of testing against Virizion/Genesect and Blastoise. The strategy I just spoke of is pretty blanket to all EX-decks, and Garbodor doesn't really stop that if you time your Scrappers. As for Non-EX decks, I can easily see you winning the trade with three quick knockouts due to the HP of all of the format's non-EX Pokemon being in range of Plasma Gale. They can try to send an EX out to get you to one prize for a more effective N, but my response to that is either just hitting with Plasma Gale first, and then using Six Feet under to only take two (essentially netting you all of your last 4 prizes in one turn), or using Escape Rope if they have no other EX benched. If the EX is the active and you only have 2 prizes left, the inefficiency with Overflow is irrelevant because you'd win the game anyways.

    Adam, I think I also agree with your comment about only running 2 Lugia - that might be where one would find space to add a Safeguard counter such as Kyurem! Town Map would become even more key if this was done.

    Thanks for the feedback guys!
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    Empoleon also won regionals in denmark last weekend. That list was played with Mewtwo EX and Terrakion insted of the Flareon/Leaferon line.