Groudon EX, Terrakion NVI

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    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Sample Deck List (updated through DEX - May 2012)

    Pokemon – 7

    3 Groudon EX
    3 Terrakion NVI
    1 Shaymin UL

    Trainers – 41

    4 Professor Juniper
    4 Professor Oak's New Theory
    3 N

    4 Junk Arm
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    4 Dual Ball
    4 Exp. Share
    3 Crushing Hammer
    3 Super Scoop Up
    2 Random Receiver
    2 Switch
    2 Revive
    2 Lost Remover

    Energy – 12

    10 Fighting
    2 Rescue

    via: The Dark Side of Battle Roads

    Basic Strategy

    Basically this deck works similar to Quad Terrakion, except it has slightly more options, with Groudon EX and Super Scoop Up. I think this deck has a lot of potential, especially if piloted by a top tier player. It’s definitely a deck to think about for Battle Roads.
  2. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

  3. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

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