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  1. baby_mario

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    I'm going to be honest here . . . I like Groudon and I've wanted to make good deck with Groudon more than anything else.

    Here is the place to put your Groudon-centred decklists, ask questions about Groudon, or just generally talk about how great he is.

    Groudon's attacks aren't spectacular, but his Typing is. Seriously. He has Weakness advantage over Dark decks and Eel decks and he Resists Lightning. The question is, how can we make the best of this?
    • Play Groudon in a Ross style deck?
    • Play Groudon with Terrakion and Exp Share?
    • Play Groudon with Absol Prime as a starter to kick off the damage spread?
    Your thoughts (in this thread please) would be appreciated.
  2. cabd

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    Most people are instantly writing Ross.dek off because of the whole "dies to raikou" thing. But think about it. if they kill Reuniclus, you just use Groudon and kill it. Since vileplume is still up, you can just Kill it, and they have to use FSL to get it back. if they run 2 or more, you lose, sure, but most people are just gonna go -1 Zekrom EX or -1 Mewtwo EX + 1 Raikou EX in their deck lists.
  3. It could work in Tetrakion as an earlier attacker with a separate weakness.

    Otherwise though, Ross variants are pretty much obsolete because of Raikou- sure Groudon revenges it somewhat easily but Truth is at a big prize deficit early game and the two prizes from Raikou at the cost of your Reuniclus is definitely not worth it.
  4. darkwings

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    run it as a 2-off tech in terrakion. best option.
  5. Omen371

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    I've been testing quite a bit with Kyurem/Groundon/Electrode, and it actually works much better than you might expect, especially since if you manage to keep your kyurems alive and blow up a trode, they still have to take out 3 groudons to win. just an interesting rogue that i think is actually pretty effective
  6. beboppokedad

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    kyurem/groudon/electrode sounds weird, but then i see some sense there.

    my small mind is perplexed about groudon. terrakion and groundon seem like a good pair, but then again it seems like quad terrakion without the groudon-ex prize card risk may be better.

    absol prime is not a bad idea, i'd say
  7. galladeava

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    @Omen I believe I played you on TCG last night in a good game I lost, Mew/Terrakion and you blew my Mews apart after a slow start.

    On topic, Groudon is a huge tank I've found, I like the idea of a scoop up/seeker shaymin heavy build and just spread. Hasnt something just come out that puts 10 on all your opps pokemon for 1?
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  8. Minun does for a Lightning. But it's basically a free prize, mono-Groudon with SSU would probably be better.
  9. cabd

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    I could see Minun/Twins/Groudon being testable, at the very least.
  10. beboppokedad

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    [Groudon is a huge tank I've found, I like the idea of a scoop up/seeker/ shaymin heavy build and just spread. Hasnt something just come out that puts 10 on all your opps pokemon for 1?[/quote]

    this approach seems like a good one, max potion could also be an option paired with shaymin
  11. Verrain

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    What do you think of Landorous/Groudon or Landorous/Groudon/Terrakion? With Groudon's big attack requiring damage on the opponent, Gaia Hammer would seem to have synergy there and Landorus can get energy onto the board for Exp share to distribute or possibly a Shaymin rearrange.
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  12. bryracer

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    I don't like the fact you are hurting your bench as well. but they have good synergy, I like Absol better for the damage initially. Nothing sucks more than having to put 20 damage on basics on the bench turn 1. Groudon smiles :)
  13. Verrain

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    I see the appeal of Absol but isn't its use based on the premise that people will see it in the active position and place pokemon on the bench anyway? After all, there are quite a few decks that can come out swinging for 80 damage on T1 or T2 to remove the Absol threat. Is the idea that the common decks out there can't afford to delay that one turn or that the initial draws are unlikely to give them the setup to remove an Absol so quickly? Either way, Absol would be a free prize so I presume any deck lists with it would be running Twins.
  14. galladeava

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    OK so I've been tinkering around with it today, giving Groudon a chance (he doesn't suit my play-style) and have gone with Groudon/Elekid/Shaymin/Blissey. I tried the minun but didnt like you needed prism/lightning. I'm not sure on Absol his pokebody is easily played around so am not sure on that.

    4 Groudon EX
    2-2 Blissey DEX
    2 Shaymin UL
    2 Elekid TM

    10 F

    4 PONT
    4 Juniper
    4 N
    4 Dual Ball
    2 Level Ball
    4 Junk Arm
    4 Catcher
    4 Switch
    4 SSU
    2 EXP Share
    1 RR
    1 Super Rod

    Elekid comes as the ideal starter hitting for 20 where you want and has free retreat. Also has the option to shall while you set up your first Groudon. Then the idea is to get 1/2 Blissey and a second Groudon going. And when he's gonna die, use that shaymin/switch/ssu combo to prevent prizes. Thoughts on the theory as a whole?
  15. beboppokedad

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    i can't say i really like it, but it is interesting. at first glance, i think you'll have blisseys, elekids, and shaymins on the bench which will be easy targets. Groudon is hard to KO, however.

    how would you describe your play style? i would find that interesting. i would define my play style, empirically, as "bad"
  16. galladeava

    galladeava Disapproving Clown

    Yeah I agree that they would all be targets but I found that their presence is game dependent. If you start with Groudon then you probably wont need Elekid, you just stay patient and Tromp T2. The inclusion of Shaymin is self explanatory, and is never really an issue in other decks that use it (CMT etc) and once you've used it, you can SSU to try to get it off bench and reuse. The Blissey are the ones that do tend to bench sit, but that has never been an issue for the Eels (Blissey +40 HP) in Zekrom or Celebi in CMT.

    I like simple decks that require little thought. Last season I played Gyarados which is mindless Tail Revenging then Durant in this season for mindless Devouring. I enjoy Terrakion now because its just a case of do 90, do 90, d0 90. I dont have to worry about when to use Shaymin, think about Softboiled etc etc. That's just me.
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  17. drunkentruc

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    Kingdra Prime, Groudon EX, and Terrakion (optional) can be an extremely fun deck to play.
  18. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    really? doesn't sound that way to me
  19. wiki188

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    so i ran into a guy who did something curious at a tournament today

    groudon ex and darkrai ex
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  20. LoBFCanti

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    I played this a pre-release. It helps a lot. There are times where you are force to sit in even though you took a lot of damage due to the heavy retreat cost especially when you have a clean already set up second groudon that can Giant claw anything in play.

    I was play 3 dark energy with 1 energy switch alongside the regular Exp share. I only played one darkrai.