Tier 2 Groudon-EX

Discussion in 'HS-on Archives' started by baby_mario, May 10, 2012.

  1. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    makes some sense... in fact i like it, it has some hope.
  2. wiki188

    wiki188 Mrlightning

    i think he ran 3/4 groudon 3 darkrai 4 smeargle and 1/2 shaymin UL
  3. Suncool

    Suncool Member

    I like Absol/Groudon the best, because not only do you get to spread 20 early, you can instantly use Twins to get setup, and if they don't KO Absol, then you have more time to setup and spread.

    A side thought (unrelated): Has anyone ever tried Absol in Kyurem spread decks?
  4. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    instead of absol, i think i like the idea of riding with full rocky helmets to get the +20s going
  5. wakakak

    wakakak New Member

    but that means we're going to lose the energy acceleration in form of exp share, and imho running groudon ex without energy acceleration is not a good idea...

    right now, I'm playtesting a deck with 4 terrakion/2 groudon ex with exp share, and it turns out that it runs quite well. However, it does not have anything to setup giant claw swinging for +40 other than tromp or retaliate...
  6. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Rocky Helmet, groudon, Shaymin UL. Ssu. It's worth testing anyways.
  7. sparkyjolt22

    sparkyjolt22 Ampharos King

    i agree with wiki188, groudon with darkrai is a good combo, it gives groudon free retreat, you can use a prism energy instead of using an actual dark. when it comes to groudon's attacks, maybe run aerodactyl, twist mountain, and maybe 2 terrakion, just as revenge kills.
  8. krazykiller17

    krazykiller17 Member

    Ok this mite be to any card all together but why not at groudon ex to a don champ deck, because u use dolphin earthquake twice now u have two damage on al the pokemon so now you can get extra damage for groudon and also the same with machamp.
  9. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    ^dolphin earthquake damages your bench, not your opponent's, so it doesn't help Groudon at all.
  10. krazykiller17

    krazykiller17 Member

    O whoops sorry about that
  11. krazykiller17

    krazykiller17 Member

    Well anyway r there any poke on that do any damage at once like to all the pokemon
  12. wiki188

    wiki188 Mrlightning

    not all to many kyurem, tyranitar prime, minun DEX, landorus, Beheeyem NV,
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  13. krazykiller17

    krazykiller17 Member

    Ok I've made a deck list idk if it will work but looks pretty consistent.

    3 groudon ex
    2 minus
    2 landorus

    4 pont
    4 juniper
    4 n

    4 junk arm
    4 catcher
    3 dual ball
    2 ultra ball
    2 plus power
    2 switch
    1 super rod
    2 random reciver
    2 ssu
    2 exp. Share
    2 Poke on communication

    4 prism
    11 fighting

    In no it docent look the best right now but I'll fix it up (ALOT!!!) hah thanks for the future tips.
  14. wiki188

    wiki188 Mrlightning

    drop the level ball for ultra balls helps you get fighting in discard for landorus and with only 2 pokes under 90 not worth in my op
  15. bakedblake

    bakedblake New Member

    I like the way your Groundon Terrakion deck looks. lemme know what ya'll think of mine

    2 Groudon EX
    4 Terrakion
    1 Shaymin (energy mover)

    10 fighting
    1 rescue

    3 pont
    3 juniper
    2 N
    2 copy cat

    4 Dual Balls
    4 Exp share
    3 ruins of alph
    3 random receivers
    3 junk arms
    3 pokemon catchers
    3 switch
    2 super scoop up
    2 enhanced hammer
    2 plus power
    2 eviolite
    1 super rod

    lemme know! Thanks!!
  16. Verrain

    Verrain Active Member

    This drifts into Rogue territory but what about pairing Groudon EX with Lucario ND? It has the ability that is in effect a built in Rocky Helmet and its attack does 50 + 20 to a benched Pokemon. Probably not worth the deck space but an interesting possibility.
  17. LoBFCanti

    LoBFCanti Active Member

    Just play the rocky helmets straight. They are great. He might be slow to set up, but after a tromp and Rocky damage, I got a prize. that 140 confirmation sounds great to me.
  18. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    i think running with shaymin and ssu makes sense to try to avoid the 2HKO and keep energy acceleration going.

    exp.share is huge too, but just think if you bring out a terrakion for a revenge KO and are able to place a rocky helmet on him. when he's KOed, he just dropped 20 on the opposing active to set-up Groudon-EX

    of course vs. a lot of dark and electric, groudon's regular 80 for "giant claw" will be plenty to KO most of those types, or add plus power for Zekrom EX or Darkrai EX.... Raikou EX
  19. bakedblake

    bakedblake New Member

    So I recently ran a terrakion groudon ex deck at BR this weekend and it didn't do as good as anticipated. So I've made a few modifications to my build, let me know what you think!

    4 Groudon ex
    2 Terrakion
    1 Shaymin UL

    3 Pont
    3 Juniper
    3 N
    2 Copy Cat

    3 exp share
    3 eviolite
    3 potion
    2 super scoop up
    4 defender
    4 dual ball
    4 switch
    3 junk arm
    2 ruins of alph

    11 fighting
    1 rescue

    Let me know what you think!
  20. Verrain

    Verrain Active Member

    So before I give an opinion of your list, what happened at your Battle Roads that made you want to change your decklist? I can kind of guess from the changes you made but it would be useful to know what you saw as the problem.

    I'm guessing you had Pokemon knocked out much quicker that expected as you have added defenders and potions and have switched over to the higher HP Groudon EX over the Terrakion. You've added more draw support but removed Random Receiver. Was that just for space or were they not working out for you? My big concern is you having removed your Pokemon Catchers. I would think they would still be a requirement.