Tier 2 Groudon-EX

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  1. bakedblake

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    Well during BR I never could start with Groudon ex like I wanted to, I like to get himout and tromp a few times then giant claw. I think with the defenders potions and eviolites i'll be able to keep my tank in for a while and then have terrakion loaded with exp share for the revenge kill. I also had 2 shaymin starts that just made me mad lol
    I never even realized that I took out the catchers, I only have 4 total and last night I built this deck and a terrakion empoleon deck. I guess I just forgot to add them back in. Let me modify it again and I'll post a revised listing of the deck. Thanks Verrain!!
  2. LoBFCanti

    LoBFCanti Active Member

    2 tromps is all you need. Just 2.
  3. jabber0193

    jabber0193 New Member

    Hi, before you post screaming for Pont junk arm and such this is a post rotation list (BW on).
    Just a rough draft I've thought of

    2 Groudon EX
    4 terrakion
    2 landourus
    2 Terrakion EX
    1 mewtwo EX

    12 fighting

    4 cheren
    4 juniper
    3 N

    4 Heavy balls
    3Exp share
    3 Ultra ball
    3 random receivers
    3 pokemon catchers
    3 switch
    2 super scoop up
    4 eviolite
    1 super rod

    Edit: -1 landorus -1 exp share
    +2 Terrakion EX
  4. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    I've tested with this deck a little and what I've found so far is that Mewtwo EX is better as a 1 or 0 count.

    If you run Landorus NV you NEED 4 juniper and at least 3 ultra ball.
  5. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    Question: Has anyone faced Cryogonal NV 32 as a tech against their Groudon-EX deck? I was thinking about running one as a tech to counter Groundon/Donphan.
  6. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    It would be better to use a Tornadus EPO or a Tornadus EX instead
  7. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    Cryoganal is great against Donphan (if that's even relevant any more), but Groudon? It's a 2HKO, so Groudon will just do what it does in any 2HKO situation and SSU/heal.
  8. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    exactly, don't forget that cryoganal is useless against anything else.
  9. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    baby and david, yes, all true... my idea against Groudon-EX are:

    1) Groudon already has 40 or more damage. As I run energy switch, drop Cryoganal with prism, energy switch, switch/retreat, KO Groudon-EX

    2) Groundon with no damage, drop Cryoganal as above plus Black Belt, OHKO.

    not simple... but possible late game
  10. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    That's why it isn't the best idea.

    You have to have a bunch of cards (Cryoganal/Energy Switch/Retreat/Prism) AND meet certain conditions (40+ damage on Groudon, be behind in Prizes and have Black Belt) to pull this off. Sure, it's possible, but your deck should have other ways of getting the job done without resorting to this.
  11. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I say play Quad-Groudon.

    I fought someone at a BR that was using it and it just swept me up. He had so good energy denial that I couldn't even keep more then one or two on the board, and I have Eels. Every time I played down a DCE on a Tornadus he got it off with Lost Remover/Crushing Hammer.

    So if you play quad then you need some Hammers and stuff.
  12. Verrain

    Verrain Active Member

  13. peadawg14

    peadawg14 Member

    Take out the dual ball and just run 4 heavy ball. Take out Cheren and make it 4 PONT. Revive is definitely needed since you only run 6 basics. Also, where's your Junk Arm??
  14. Verrain

    Verrain Active Member

    In my son's deck. Until rotation is announced I am not planning to sink any money into HGSS cards. Swapping out Dual Ball for Revive makes sense though I find myself uneasy with only 4 search cards in the deck. Also, none of my problems in the games stem from running out of Pokemon.
  15. LoBFCanti

    LoBFCanti Active Member

    I actually think Cryoganal can go in eel real easy. I played a Groudon today at BR that ran Life herb, potions and max potions. Quad- Groudon set up. I used Mewtwo and Tornadus EP to kill 2. IT TOOK HALF MY DECK. He kept HEALING!!!!!!!! And had eviolite! Turn after the second K.O. I get N'd and he kills Tornadus and an eel with catcher for his last two prizes. I need a Tornadus Ex direly. Cyroganal can KO with two plus powers at will and is searchable with Level ball. I think it's viable. I'll tested it tomorrow and report back in Zeel and this thread.
  16. thematteo0

    thematteo0 The quintessentially British gentleman.

    Yeah I have had a bit of time testing with Minun decks [Minun-Mandibu and this one], but to be honest Groudon EX _ Absol Prime is better. There have also been Heal variations with Super Scoop Up - Potion - Moomoo Milk- Life Herb etc.
  17. N3rd4Christ

    N3rd4Christ Active Member

    Why not run Terrakion EX if thats the case?
  18. jabber0193

    jabber0193 New Member

    because it is not that good, does 50 for the same amount as retaliate and its second attack does the same, yes it allows me to play 2 energy from my hand but for and ex and the fact i will pretty much just be using retaliate and giant claw its a waste of space and needless prize giving
  19. N3rd4Christ

    N3rd4Christ Active Member

    Ah makes sense.

    New to game so sorry if questions seem kind of obvious.

    I'm trying to make a Fighting deck. I have one question due to lack of being able to place 2 energies on Mewtwo (unless you add energy switch (which i am considering)) in one turn (for mewtwo wars) what do you mainly use him for?
  20. Truong

    Truong Simple. We burn the Durants. All of them.

    Terrakion EX's attacks may not be as strong as the regular Terrakion, but where else are you going to get Fighting Energy Acceleration? Exp. Share? That isn't that great of acceleration. Plus, for Retaliate to do 90, you have to give up a Prize. Terrakion EX may not be a hard hitter, but it's better than you think. Damage output isn't everything in this format. It's speed. Why do you think Darkrai, CMT, and Zeels do so well? They all have Energy Acceleration. Zeels with Dynamotor, CMT with Forrest Breath, and Darkrai variants with Dark Patch.