Tier 2 Groudon-EX

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  1. wiki188

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    Please keep in mind that in some cases it is risky to even run tools because of tool scrapper
  2. N3rd4Christ

    N3rd4Christ Active Member

    I thought about running this deck as

    4 Land
    4 Terrakions
    And 4 Terrakion ex or maybe a 2/2 split Terr EX / Groudon
  3. Verrain

    Verrain Active Member

    I'm thinking of running

    2 Groudon EX
    2 Terrakion EX
    3 Terrakion
    2 Registeel EX

    I know I want to run these four for certain. Registeel EX to lay down damage so Groudon EX is always swinging for 120 with Giant Claw, Terrakion EX for energy acceleration and Terrakion because Retaliate never goes out of style. I am just uncertain of the proportions.
  4. jabber0193

    jabber0193 New Member

    Yer ok i might have been a bit hasty in downing Terrakion ex but this deck i find works fine without, as one energy and an exp share and then all but landorus are able to attack next turn, and even then he can pull energy out of the grave. and damage out put is not everything in this format now ex's are in and CMT looks to hit big on T1, Zeels only hits big if you play it well and darkrai decks hit big aswell so saying damage output isnt everything is a mistake.

    Back to the deck, might you make a sugestion of what to take out and quantity to put in if i were tput some in maybe -1 terrakion (NV)
    and -1 landourus for 2 Terrakion ex or maybe -2 landorus

    @N3rd4Christ to get two energies onto mewtwo easy there are 3 options that i see (without adding energy switch or tornadus (EP))
    1. attach in two turns 2. use terrakion ex's attack and attach 3. use exp share and have one energy already on it
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  5. Truong

    Truong Simple. We burn the Durants. All of them.

    I honestly can't determine the exact things I'd drop as the set won't come out for another month, and that we might be in a CL-On/BW-On format, but if we were to stay in HGSS-On I'd:
    - 1Exp. Share
    +1 Terrakion EX
    I dropped 1 Exp. Share because now we have Energy Acceleration, but keeping in mind, Exp. Share will still come in handy so I'll still keep a solid 3 copies in the deck.

    For the second Terrakion EX:
    - 1 Landorus
    +1 Terrakion EX

    Point being, they're both decent starters, but Landorus needs Energy in the discard, while Terrakion EX needs Energy in the hand. :D
    So for now, my mind set is:
    Terrakion EX > Landorus

    This is completely based on the fact that Darkrai will still be played. I'm assuming it will because it's huge in Japan. However, I've been told a Rayquaza deck hasn't placed yet. We'll have to see how many Lightning decks are still played. I can see Rayquaza teched into a Zeels list, maybe replacing the Terrakion tech. But whatever may be, I think Terrakion variants will do good in the next format.
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  6. jabber0193

    jabber0193 New Member

    ive tested with those ideas and it works quite well, terrakion ex is a decent starter and though i did not get many chances to put 2 energy down with his effect just the one made this deck smoother and a little less relient on either giving a prize for exp share or just single attachments :)

    I play darkrai/zoroark as another deck (pulled 3 darkrai ex so thought why the heck not :p) and that is just scary quick, reliable and hard to disrupt so i feel darkrai varients will be around for the long term. Rayquaza is a nice tech in zeels as all it needs is prism for the fire and then just keep discarding lightning to recycle with eels so might not get a deck on its own but will more than likely be the norm for zeels i feel.
  7. N3rd4Christ

    N3rd4Christ Active Member

    After testing this i think that Landorus is just horrible. Too much sitting around not enough swinging. I think he slows down teh deck. im thinking

    4x Terrakion
    3x Groudon Ex
    3x Terrakion Ex

    Maybe even 4,4,4
  8. Superman

    Superman Man of STEEL!

    4 Terrakion
    3 Groudon Ex
    2 Terrakion EX
    1 Landorus
    2 Emolga

    4 Juniper
    4 Cheren
    3 N

    4 Heavy Ball
    3 Exp Share
    2 Ultra Ball
    2 Random Recievers
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    3 Switch
    3 Revive
    3 Eviolite
    1 Super Rod

    12 Fighting

    This is currently my girlfriends deck, and it's made for BW-On of course. (Terrakion Ex is an extra landorus and fighting energy at the moment) It does great against my Zeels/Terrakion deck.
  9. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    this looks interesting, but terrakion and groudon can't take advantage of the DCEs that registeel likely needs. also hitting for 30 and then 120 still won't be enough to KO big EXs. ... just saying
  10. pokemonlover101

    pokemonlover101 New Member

    well, how i see it is if you are running an anti-meta deck, your going to want to run groudon ex paired up with terrakion, because the only way to be safe when using zeels against this deck is to run tornadus EX
    this card could be seeing a lot of play when rotation comes, only time will tell
  11. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    Not necessarily, many people (including my self) have and will tech Raquaza EX into their zeels builds using prism energy.

    On a side note many zeels players (including myself) may turn to "eelbox" because it counters a big part of the supposed future meta game.
  12. Rowan

    Rowan Rum Pirate

    excuse my ignorance but what is Eelbox?
  13. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    It's a toolbox variant of Eelektrik. Basically, you throw in all sorts of techs, and use the one that fits the matchup best.
  14. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    its a deck that runs a "box" of attackers while using eels to energy accel. and i would run an abusive registeel/groudon. as they said before registeels spreads early. and groudon comes up later swinging 120 always. run potion and exp shares.

    as a counter eelbox i just cnad find that there is enough room to run rayquaza, terrakion, and lightning attackers. too many energy requirements.
  15. pokemonlover101

    pokemonlover101 New Member

    yes, this is very true, but im talking more about for worlds and then end of this current format, groudon/terrakion has very good odds against zeels, so you are right when you mention teching in rayquazza ex, but this is when the rotation comes

    as of now tornadus ex can and will stand up to groudon/terrakion (especially with an eviolite attached
    but i do agree with teching rayquazza EX
  16. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    eelbox is a deck that uses eels to dynaotor lightning energy to cover the colorless energy requirements for attacking. Pokemon of multiple types (raquaza, terrakion, reggisteel, zekrom ect) are used in order to hit for weakness against popular decks. here's the Pokemon I run in my eelbox..........

    2 Zekrome BW
    2 Terrakion NVI
    2 Raquaza EX
    1 Thundrus
    4 tynamo (thunder wave)
    4 elektrike NVI


    fairly stranded, depends on personal preference

    9 lightning
    4 Prism
    1 fighting ( allows me to use land crush when necessary.

    My list needs work so don't copy it and just expect it to be perfect, but its a good place to start.
  17. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    I would argue to use Terrakion EX instead of eels...

    I use prism energy to cover energy...