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  1. Hello SixPrizes, I'm here with a new, fun game that we can all play. It's called Guess Who. The concept is simple!

    First, you post that you would like to sign up.

    Then, you PM me ten clues about who you are. They can't make it extremely obvious who you are. For instance, if I were playing I couldn't say "my name starts with a V" since that would make it pretty obvious who I am. You don't want to make it easy for other people to guess!

    After that, another person that is signed up will be assigned to guess who you are. They will obviously not be told who you are, but they will be sent the clues you wrote. I may re-word some things just to make it so that they can't guess based on writing style. If the person fails to guess, they don't get a point. If they do guess, they get a point. There will be a few rounds, and whoever has the most points by the end will win. In the case of a tie, I will send them other people's clues and the first one to guess incorrectly will place second. If both guess incorrectly, they will get a different clue.

    The amount of rounds will depend on signups.

    With that, let the signups begin!

    Please note that there is unlimited signup space, but once signups are over no one else may enter.

    Signups end Oct. 2nd or once no one has signed up for 3 days

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  2. Salamencetrainer34

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  3. SoldiersSpirit

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    I want to sign up but I have a problem with this rule. I feel like if you change what we write in any way may or may not give a different feel then what the person wrote.

    For example,

    Clue #1 Original: I am Brown and Furry.
    Clue #1 Revision: I am Furry and Brown.

    Someone's brain may interpret each sentence differently. I may look at the second one and think Furry has more of an impact on who that person is rather than them being brown. If the answer was between Scooby-Doo and Chewbacca, then certainly they both fit, but you might think one more than the other for the corresponding clue.
  4. You will be sent the re-wording if a re-wording occurs for your approval. Most of the time it will only be punctuation, but in rare occasions, I will re-word if it's something like a word that you commonly use that pretty much no one else uses. I won't be re-arranging words. Here's an example:

    You would know that is me, obviously, since I have that in my usertitle. It would be reworded to:

    Since collected is a synonymous to unflappable, the meaning doesn't change, just the wording.
  5. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Honestly, this is all I was looking for, cool beans :)
  6. public_toilet

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    Sign me up. Looking forward to it.
  7. Jirachion

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    Looks fun, so I'll try this out!
  8. cruel_lizard

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    Seems interesting. I'll join, please.
  9. Serperior

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    wahoo I'm in
  10. HighShroomish

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    /in this!

  11. Oh, BTW, I'll add your name to the signup list once I receive your hints. It makes it easier for me to keep track of who's hints I have received and who's hints I still need.
  12. MetalArmedAngel

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    Looks fun
    Imma join
  13. PP101

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    In! I'll send the hints later today.
  14. galladeava

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    So it can be anyone real or fictional?
  15. pokemonguy

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    Joining up. This looks fun.
  16. PP101

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    No, I'm pretty sure it's just about yourself.
  17. galladeava

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    Oh ok, thats kind of what I thought. I'll play.
  18. camohunter19

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    I'll play.

  19. Still waiting on clues from quite a few people!
  20. HighShroomish

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