Guessing the Most Powerful Cards Next Format

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  1. pikazap

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    Re: guessing the next format and the most powerful card in it

    most likely that B/W stage 2 from the water starter will destroy charizard cause charizard will lose its speed and B/W pokemon will destroy everythink it can like that water guy with pokemon catcher and knock out typhlosion and ninetails and eventually kill charizard remember charizard is nothing without his stunt group
  2. ian

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    Re: guessing the next format and the most powerful card in it

    It will be a big card of course, but it can be trainer locked and it can't be searched.
  3. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    Does anybody else think Arceus could be an amazing deck? It loses call energy and things like great ball, but retains a lot of what made it good. Most cards by then will have a X2 weakness and in a slow format, will be one of few decks that could potentially get fully set up T1 using collectors and beginning door etc.

    I for one am already getting an Arceus deck sorted in time for rotation already lol. Even if it's not that good, it's fun to play.
  4. Jade

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    Grass Department:
    Yanmega Prime. It's speed with Judge and Copycat in the format is just too good not to pass up.

    Fire Department:
    Ninetales HS: Drawpower combined with Emboar from BW and Reshiram would have sick synergy, and will have cards like Energy Returner and Fisherman to keep the deck engine going.

    Water Department:
    Feraligatr variants: There is many ways to combo the cards with so yeah....
    Kingdra Prime: Still works wonders but with the ruling change of Rare Candy, and the rise of Emboar, I don't think it would be big.

    Lightning Department:

    Fighting Department:
    Donphan Prime: Just another fast, hard, hitter.

    Psychic Department:
    Mew Prime: Lost Link, nuff said.

    Darkness Department:
    Absol Prime: Yeah. Another fast, hard, hitter, works nicely with Mew Prime.
    Tyranitar Prime: Spread, spread, with Umbreon UD, Houndoom UD, That new Native American chicken can keep it at bay for techs

    Metal Department:
    Scizor Prime, Steelix Prime, Klinklang Gigagearl Pokemon: Move energy around, switch, etc. :p

    Chillarmy evolution with Buffalon. Derp.
  5. tylerz

    tylerz New Member

    Why do people worry about next format when we haven't even had states yet. It doesn't even make any sense, you don't know what cards are going to be released from now until then, you don't know what knew rules may or may not be released, you don't even know what the format will be. This is all irrelivent.
  6. Thegame8228

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    Either way I don't care about this stuff but we have forums so why not talk about it? There's nothing new going on and people are just excited for new things.
  7. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    It's funny to see people get all nostalgic for Stormfront. That set is responsible for Sableye donks, stupid Machamp with its stupid Take Out, and Fainting Spell . . . the most ridiculous power in the game (not necessarily the best, just the most ridiculous). I think that set skewed the game even more than PL did.

    Guessing what is going to be good in future almost never works. No matter what the rotation, we will have 3 sets of cards that we don't even know yet . . . it's like someone trying to predict Luxchomp around the time that SF was released . . . impossible.
  8. cabd

    cabd Taking over for Tamoo as the girly looking mod.

    Electric: Magnezone prime? Amphy prime? * gasp * Lanturn prime? (Lanturn would hit fire for 2x and water for x2 thanks to the poke-power)
  9. TrainerDerek

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    An Arceus deck won a cities around here in Ohio. 0_0
  10. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    Arceus really won a CC!? LOL...I'm glad I use DGX...
  11. Project696

    Project696 Member

    DGX hurts Arceus, but it doesn't kill that deck...

    And I believe I may have broken the next format as long as its RR-on or anything-on that keeps platinum out.

    Celebi Prime/Pidgeot, I'm gonna make it and it will be T1 for sure
  12. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    I didn't mean kill it, but hurt yes. Luxchomp would still destroy it 10/10 times.
  13. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    well im tinking it will be rr-on. and if that would be true. i do think charizard,lostgar and arceus will be takign over. speed decks wont work as well. bts,pokedex,pokedrawer,quickball,unown r and other speed cards are gone.
  14. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    that will be a sad day...but interesting *prays to God arceus won't be good*
  15. Calzum

    Calzum New Member

    Lanturn Prime pared with Feraligatr Prime and Blastoise HGSS is pretty sexy ;)
  16. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    i think it will be rr-on and charizard, lostgar, and arceus will be in power.
  17. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    i think im going to keep my zard stuff then...the deck isnt bad but will get better with rotation
  18. Jade

    Jade Member

    Forgot about Magnezone Prime, and Raichu prime, I'm sucha idiot :p
  19. flygondrb

    flygondrb Member

    If it's HS-on I think Magnezone might be pretty good sice it gives you draw power as well as all of the other things. Scizor maybe, but if it where HS-on people might not use special energy as much as before.