Hawaii Battle Roads (June 3rd)

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    I know there was at least one other person on this forum from Hawaii. Da-Planet has recently updated their calendar and has our Spring Battle Road listed on June 3rd at 12pm-5pm. Hopefully we'll have a nice turn out.

    For those who might be in Hawaii (specifically the island of O'ahu) for the Summer, be sure to stop by. More information about the location at their website.
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    You sure are conveniently placed for Worlds.
  3. desufnoc

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    Ill be there... I hope :p

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    Other than schedule issues, why wouldn't you be?

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  5. Gelatin

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    Just a 30 minute plane ride away :D

    Since Hawaii only has one place that holds sanctioned tournaments, none of our players have enough chances to make enough points to actually participate in Worlds without spending hundreds of dollars to fly out of state... Ah well, even just spectating, I expect my first visit to Worlds to be a blast.
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    If you have a consistent enough deck you can grind in. It only takes about 6 wins (5 for Juniors-Seniors)
  7. Gelatin

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    Top 4 at Hawaii's Battle Roads

    1. ZekEel
    2. Empoleon/Terrakion <--(me :D lol)
    3. ZekEel
    4. Klink Corners

    Matches weren't much to report on. Three rounds of swiss. Top 2 play of Masters.

    My first match was against ZPS. Neither of us could get anything going but I managed to charge up a Terrakion for game.

    Second match ended with a T2 Piplup DONK against a lone Cyndaquil. Piplup for BCIF. We played again for fun but I still came out on top for that one.

    Third round was against one of our better players playing ZekEel (who I would have to face again in the final round). Couldn't get anything going until it was too late to stop his Zekrom EXs from running over everything. 2-1 in Swiss.

    I was very surprised to see myself in the Top 2. The final match played about the same as my Swiss match with him. Started with all 3 Terrakion (and two of my Empoleons prized) so I decided to try and take a Tri-Bull approach. Fell apart soon after I benched them as I whiffed on energy even after my shuffle-draws and Portraits off of Smeargle. He charged up Mewtwo enough while I whiffed on energy for him to KO everything I played. I scooped only taking 3 prizes. Second match started much the same. Time was called after I was finally able to take a prize off of an Eelektrik. Unfortunately he got to go first for our 3 round countdown. I needed at least two more turns to catch up in prizes so I ended up conceding.

    All in all it was fun. Even pulled a Darkrai EX out of the four packs I got for winning. Hopefully all of those who came had fun. Now to prepare for possible future League events (the Professor hinted at a possible Unlimited format event) and what I hope is a BW-on format next season.
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    Oh Piplup, how I hate you so.
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    congrats to everyone who played!
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    Instead of spending money to travel out of state. Why don't you use that money to go to worlds and do the last chance qualifiers. The world Championships are in Hawaii this year. Its better to go there then have to go to either regionals or states and then Nationals and then worlds.
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    Don't they have States in Hawaii?
  12. Gelatin

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    We have BRs, Cities, and States. I've already booked a hotel so I will be attending Worlds. I know a few others are planning on going as well. Maybe I'll even see desufnoc there, too :p
  13. desufnoc

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