Hawaii State Championship : Sunday March 10, 2013

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  1. Gelatin

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    I know there are maybe three or four of us here, but I figured we could use a thread too :p


    What: Pokemon Trading Card Game State Championship

    When: Sunday March 10, 2013

    Where: Da-Planet
    1423 Kapiolani Blvd Second Floor
    Honolulu Hawaii 96814

    Why: Because we only have four tournaments a season and we'll never get an invitation without flying elsewhere ;_;

    If you decide to take a nice (possibly early) Spring vacation and you're planning on heading to Hawaii, don't forget to pack your deck and head on down!
  2. PP101

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    Maybe next year, guys. :( For those who go, have fun! :)
  3. desufnoc

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    Not sure if I will make it to this one :( It's not that I don't have the time. I am just missing the resources lol. If only I could use my PTCGO cards. :p Still too early to call though. Might get a box by then. Might order cards online. Might just play a deck with no Plasma Storm :p
  4. Gelatin

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    You can always try to plead with Anthony ;) I just might have to haha.
  5. desufnoc

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    Almost official. Wifey said we are not going.
  6. Gelatin

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    Well don't that beat all :c Well I hope to see you at BRs.

    Just got word that Nui, the guy from Kauai, was getting back into the game and coming for States. Maybe the people who missed out on Cities will be there this time around.
  7. desufnoc

    desufnoc Ditto used Transform!

    Its not that we cannot physically make it. I think we are slowly quitting :( sad because I am getting transferred to San Diego soon. I have all three cards to be competitive with the exception of plasma storm. I still have time to convince her though lol
  8. Gelatin

    Gelatin So soft and jiggly.

    Ahh, I see. Well those sound like important matters to tackle than the Pokemon TCG lol.

    Just make sure to stick around here. That way if you do quit, and do decide to come back into the game, you won't be jumping in totally blind :p