Haxorus PLB/Klinklang BW/Altaria

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  1. Rowan

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    This is a deck Idea I had when going over the new PLB cards. The new haxorus seems like a legit beast but I doubt it would be competitive enough to maintain an advantage in a tournamenet and is easily broken.

    Here is a very basic list without any prior testing.
    Pokemon 22
    4-1-3 Haxorus PLB
    3-3 Altaria
    4-1-3 Klinklang BW

    Supporters 12
    2 Skyla
    4 Juniper
    4 Colress
    2 Bianca

    Other 14
    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Switch
    4 rare candy

    Energy 12
    4 Blend
    8 Steel

    The basic idea is to set up a Haxorus attack. Best case scenario is a 2 energy 1hko to all plasma pokemon. They are commonplace in the meta. The second idea is to use altaria and Klinklang to set up haxorus with a ton of energy to 1hko or at least 2hko all the EX's and other attackers. Pretty straitforward and a bit klunky. League play deck for something fun with dragons.
  2. HighShroomish

    HighShroomish Wreck-It Ralts

    You should try Cradily in this if you're using plasma blast. Also, you could try silver bangle/mirror in here as well, However, since space is so tight, Cradily might just take up all the room.
  3. InfinityMinusOne

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    It's understandable that this is a Fun/League deck, but it'll be difficult to provide non-competitive advice for a deck such as this. Altaria is an overall gimmicky and terrible card (40 HP Lightning-weak basic, 70 HP Bench-sitting evolution) that would suck up far too many of your resources in order to work properly (you only run 4 search cards, after all). The space used for Altaria would be put to better use in the form of either a Starter of some kind or an alternate attacker (i.e. Shaymin BCR, Cobalion EX, Cobalion NVI), some of the Tools that HighShroomish mentioned or other cards that would boost this deck's consistency/damage output/viability (i.e. Level Ball, Max Potion, Virbank/Hypnotoxic Laser combo). This is all theorymon, of course, seeing as Haxorus has yet to be released and I myself have done hardly any testing with the card.