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  1. pikazap

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    now cities is coming soon here on january 9th and ive have to built my family of 6 only five play one may judge so it comes down to 4 decks i built 1 machamp so no more bts,one weird chenlock deck made personally from me so no more sp engines (exept one cyrus con.), and the regigigas deck which took my last cyrus away . and now i have no more of those need to get cards for deck and i was wondering if they' re is a deck with no need bts, rare candy, sp engines, or those types of card ?
  2. baby_mario

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    You could try Donphan.

    I know most play BTS, but you could use Stark Mountain . . . maybe with an ERL tech.
  3. pikazap

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    well ill try to get 3 more donphans and a 1-1 erl but i dont know what else to put i was thinking something easy and no one in league has stark
  4. baby_mario

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    You're kind of stuck without Candy, BTS, and SP Engine though.

    Virtually every Stage 1/2 deck wants BTS at least, and the only viable Basic decks are Gigas and SP.

    How about Steelix Prime? That could work.
  5. Kingdra101

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    You could try Nidoking TM, you don't really need candy or bts for that deck.
  6. baby_mario

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    Ha . . . Nidoking is so slow you are right . . . it probably won't make any difference.

    Uxie donk is a possibility, but you need Victory Medals and stuff for a good list.
  7. pikazap

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    i have so many victory medals its not funny cause in the begining and still now im more advanced in my league only one guy is my equal but hes been playing for so long so really im kinda more advanced and my league is still asking me questions lol so ya ill try nidoking but no more poketurns the other guy dosnt really like trading with me he says im either ripping him off or i have no cards he needs mabye find alot junk arms for ssu and marleys oh and i found a chest filled w/ old cards from my childhood (im teenager) and found a couple rare candys
  8. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    Could try vilegar with something like miasma valley instead of bts or something, i dunno :/
  9. chrataxe

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    Steelix doesn't need BTS or RC and is pretty sweet. I think Scizor Prime could get away without either as well. A TTar deck with Spiritomb could maybe not need BTS.
  10. pikazap

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    my league is flowing w/ scizor thx and yesterday my freinds say they all got bts's from a couple packs mabye try there