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    Hello UG! As well as testing all the tier 1 decks, I usually enjoy building up a rogue or two each format (mostly to play on PTCGO so people don't scoop too early and leave me tokenless :S).

    Currently I've been messing around with the big green giant, M-Venusaur. 230 HP is unique in the game, and the poison/paralysis soft lock can be game-breaking. Trevenant/Accelgor covers the lock a lot better than M-Venusaur can, so I wanted to focus on tanking - something you don't normally see in Pokemon. Given M-Venusaur's nearly exclusive grass costing and the lack of solid energy acceleration/manipulation that goes with that, I opted not to go for a Hydreigon style healing approach, but rather revisit an old friend in Reuniclus. My current list is as follows:

    Pokémon – 13

    3 Venusaur EX
    2 M-Venusaur EX
    1 Tropius PLB
    2 Solosis LTR
    2 Duosion LTR
    2 Reuniclus DRX
    1 Virizion EX

    Trainers – 35

    4 Professor Sycamore
    4 N
    2 Shauna
    2 Skyla

    2 Professor's Letter
    3 Escape Rope
    3 Max Potion
    1 Heavy Ball
    4 Ultra Ball
    2 Enhanced Hammer
    2 Tool Scrapper
    1 Master Ball

    3 Tropical Beach
    2 Virbank City Gym

    Energy – 12

    12 Grass

    Your aim is to set up and attack on T4, catching up on turns through the use of the soft lock (140HP Pokemon w/o Virbank or big EXs with it), or by Damage Swap/Max Potion. Usually you'll just set up the one M-Venusaur and that will be your sole attacker for the game. The games where I've set up two, I haven't lost.

    Notes on the deck:

    • Only 1 Virizion, no other energy acceleration? I started with three Virizion for energy accel, but when using Virizion your turn structure looks something like this = T1 Attach to Virizion + Beach. T2 Attach to Virizion + Emerald Slash onto Venusaur. T3 Attach to Venusaur + Mega Evolve. T4 Attach to Venusaur and attack. Using this pattern burnt through 6 energies, the 50 from Emerald Slash often disrupted the soft lock and Virizion would often get KO-ed, only having 170HP and being OHKO-able. I did keep the one Virizion simply for it's ability.
    • I quickly realised simply placing Venusaur active and manually attaching was more effective. In the first 4 turns doing this, I'd get an extra turn to use my beach from not having to attack with Emerald Slash - giving me a better chance of setting up my Reuniclus at the same time, and Venusaur was less likely to be KO-ed due to Mega Evolving (and having Reuniclus setup). I also saved two energy for later use.
    • Tropius is in the deck to force the 7th prize as a free attacker (excluding the unlikely possibility of Catchered Reuniclus). It also gives me an out to Safeguard Pokemon, as well as a revenge killer for overloaded Yveltal/Mewtwo EXs.
    • I play Duosion in fear of Trevenant's item lock, though if it drops in play, they could be taken out for Candies. Solosis & Duosion are both LTR in the event that I'm desperate enough to Rollout for victory.
    • Shauna is something I've been experimenting with and I'm actually really liking the card. This deck doesn't really like discarding things, and Shauna nets a solid 5, which can then work with Beach. Considering changing my Sycamore/Shauna lineup to 3-3.
    • Professor's Letter is to ensure you hit your first 4 attachments - missing one really hurts.
    • Escape Rope is great as a soft catcher, and also lets you switch around your weighty Pokemon in a tight spot.
    • 1 Heavy to get Venusaur or M-Venusaur out in a pinch, with 4 Ultra and 1 Master to solidify Reuniclus on the field. Master Ball was a bit of an odd choice to arrive at. I'd tried both Computer Search & Dowsing Machine, and almost every time I used it I'd be searching for a Pokemon, or a Ball, with great detriment to my hand. Master Ball fitted in nicely as a replacement. I contemplated Scramble Switch but with Reuniclus in play, there was really no need for it.
    • Two enhanced will generally slow down most decks, and can really hit hard at Pokemon trying to overload with DCE, or toolbox style decks that run Rainbows.
    • Two scrapper are CRUCIAL for Garbodor matchup. Luckily Damage Swap is a proactive ability, so a quick scrapper means you can swap and heal to your heart's content.
    • 3-2 Beach/Virbank seems to give me stadiums when I need them, without overloading my hand with dead cards. Sometimes tempted to find space for the 4th Beach or third Skyla though.

    Some of the other concepts and techs I'd initially considered: Celebi to use regular Venusaur EX's healing attack (not worth the bench space to heal 30HP and it also breaks the lock), Munna BCR (too hard to search out in early game when setting up Reuniclus, useless lategame), Keldeo EX, Float Stone, Hard Charm, EXP Share, 1 Genesect EX + Plasma Energies, Vileplume UD (I wish), Catchers, Garbodor.

    I'd love it if people could test the list out, see what they think & make some suggestions on how to improve it! I know it will never be a tier 1 deck, but I'd love to push it as far as it can go! And I guess that finishes what became a pseudo-article lol.
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    This was a really great post and an excellent way to explain a rogue deck!

    Some thoughts would be you seem pretty low on Supporters with just 12, but the 3 Tropical Beach make up for it a lot. I would consider going with a heavier Skyla count to help get Beach/Mega Venasuar/etc. into play. While I understand the idea with Master Ball I would consider playing Computer Search over it as it is a more versatile. I'd find room for 1 Cresselia EX to help with the healing so you don't have to rely on just Max Potions. My idea was the higher Virizion EX count but that seems to be something that you've thought about already as well.
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    mattynate That's not rasslin'!!

    Iv tried something similar using reuniclus and Champions festival