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    I've been giving some thought to the possible return of Ho-Oh ever since Energy Switch was confirmed in Legendary Treasures. Along with the addition of Virizion EX a H0-Oh EX deck might be a viable deck choice once again. What remains to be seen is whether this deck can be consistent enough to really compete with the top tier archetypes. I'm interested to hear what you guys think about Ho-Oh and if it can make a return to the format. Here is the list I'm testing:

    Pokemon – 12

    3 Mewtwo EX
    2 H0-Oh EX
    2 Virizion EX
    2 Terrakion NVI
    1 Tornadus EX DEX
    1 Bouffalant DRX
    1 Shaymin EX

    Trainers – 34

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    4 Skyla
    1 Colress
    1 Bianca

    4 Energy Switch
    4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    4 Ultra Ball
    2 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Escape Rope
    1 Scoop-Up Cyclone

    2 Virbank City Gym

    2 Float Stone

    Energy – 14

    4 Double Colorless
    4 Grass
    3 Fighting
    1 Fire
    1 Water
    1 Darkness


    Ho-Oh EX

    If Ho-Oh is in your discard pile you can use his ability, Rebirth. If you flip heads you can take Ho-Oh out of your discard pile onto your bench with up to three different basic energies. This is good for multiple reasons in this deck. Obviously, it's a great form of energy acceleration letting you get three energies on the board for a coin flip.

    You can use your revived Ho-Oh to attack with Rainbow Burn, which does 20+ twenty more fore each different energy type attached to Ho-Oh. So, you get a solid 80 damage from a stock Rainbow Burn. Another great use of that energy acceleration comes in combination with an item card that has returned to the format with Legendary Treasures.

    Energy Switch

    Energy Switch makes this deck tick and its why we saw the deck completely disappear when the card was rotated. You can use the energies you accelerate out of the discard pile with H0-Oh's Rebirth in combination with Energy Switch to power up your other attackers effectively letting to attach multiple energies per turn. And since Ho-Oh needs lots of different energy types to be fully utilized it makes sense to use different types of attackers to take advantage of this.

    Virizion EX

    Verdant Wind is a very nice addition to this deck since it allows your attackers to be immune to status conditions if they have a Grass Energy attached. This is why we run more grass than any other Basic Energy type. Energy Switch can be very helpful in your efforts to keep a Grass on your active.


    The main attacker in Ho-Oh has always been Mewtwo EX. X Ball can be powered up in one turn with the use of DCE, Energy Switch, Rebirth, etc. Like Mewtwo other attackers that can do damage for one or two attachments really work well with H0-Oh. Attackers like Terrakion NVI, Bouffalant DRX, Tornadus EX DEX, Sigilyph DRX, Shaymin EX, Cobalion NVI, Landorus EX, Genesect EX, etc. are all viable choices depending on your meta-game.


    I have chosen to start testing with Scoop-Up Cyclone as my ACESPEC for a couple of reasons. The main reason being you can get Ho-Oh up if you happen to start with him. Second, you can scoop-up a heavily damaged Pokemon, which is pretty good as well. However, Computer Search may end up being a better choice in the the long run since this deck relies so much on DCE.


    Ho-Oh is all about having something for all your match-ups with the top archetypes. Ho-Oh for is there to handle Virizion and Genesect. You have Mewtwo for other Mewtwos. Terrakion NVI can destroy Darkrai. Mewtwo, Bouffalant, Shaymin and even Genesect EX could be added to help with Blastoise. Cobalion NVI and Steel energies could be added to counter a Plasma heavy meta.
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  2. Verrain

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    I've made a version very similar to yours only I'm focusing on Terrkaion, Cobalion and Bouffalant and using Bangles instead of Laser Bank for extra damage.

    I'm using Scramble Switch as my ACE Spec so I can retreat to bring a Rebirthed Ho-oH active and then Scramble Switch to fully power whatever other attacker I want.
  3. PellOfTheTundra

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    I've been using Ho-Oh with Non-EX attackers to try and play the 6 prize game. When you hit hard with non-EX attackers and they only take 1 prize for KOing you, they've got a problem with the prize trade, more than likely.
  4. blargh257

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    I tried this, and here's my opinion after doing so.
    Ho-Oh with basic attackers only does not work because you yourself cannot stream these attackers, given your limited energy acceleration. The deck can't keep up.
  5. PellOfTheTundra

    PellOfTheTundra Do you even LT-87

    But the entire deck runs on 1-2 energy (now), and I also use Ho-Oh as an attacker. How is 1 energy attacking limited?
  6. blargh257

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    You have (unless Sableye, which is a bit odd still) at most 5 energy switchers. You also have at most nine energy that can be retrieved from the discard pile. That's your limit. If you expend one of your switches on a Tropius and they immediately KO it then that's exploiting your limit to out-resource you.
  7. PellOfTheTundra

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    That face when I run Sableye for just that reason.

    Tbh Suicune helps keep you from losing steam too quickly. And I do run Scramble Switch as well for lategame Ho-Oh use.
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  8. KueKas

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    This is the only deck where Chandelure EX is good: Sometimes, you're failing the KO for 10/20 damage and, unless your opponent is running Max Potion, he/she will try to switch the active Poké for a fresh one. With Chandy EX, you have the ability to make multiple KO's in one turn for a psychic energy. It won me some games at PTCGO taking the last 4/3/2 prizes in one turn !
  9. areuter

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    And WHO were you playing against? Honestly, I like your idea, but it's an EX and it doesn't do much damage. If you want someone who spreads, I would recommend something that's actually good, like Landorus EX or Kyurem PLF. There's no rule that says you can't have Kyurem and Ho-oh together. . . .
  10. JAM

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    Chandelure would be used to get around Mr. Mime. Is not attack damage to the bench like Landorus or Kyurem, instead you are placing damage counters. Since everyone is running Mr. Mime it might be a good tech.
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  11. chronickitty00

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    This is the list ive been playing:
    3 Ho-oh ex
    3 mewtwo ex
    1 tornadus ex dex
    1 genesect ex
    2 terrakion nvi
    1 cobalion nvi
    1 sigilyph (safeguard)
    2 boufflaunt drx

    4 juniper
    4 n
    2 bianca
    2 colress

    4 ultraball
    4 energy switch
    2 energy search
    3 switch
    1 float stone
    2 eviolite
    2 tool scrapper
    1 cpu search

    4 dce
    2 plasma
    2 fighting
    2 metal
    2 grass
    2 psychic
    1 fairy
    So far ive gotten second at a league challenge 13th at cities and first in a side event at the same cities. I love the deck though.
  12. r3skyline

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    Virizion/Genesect/Hooh/Terrakion took first seed at OR regionals
  13. ddbargardi

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    Just saw that deck win literally 10 seconds ago!
  14. chal3oye

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    What should I focus on for a Plasma heavy meta-game?
  15. ribboninthewind

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    Ho-Oh EX is a lot fun. Takes a lot of practice to learn it, though.

    Pokémon 14
    2 Ho-Oh EX
    3 Mewtwo EX
    1 Tornadus EX
    1 Jirachi EX
    2 Bouffalant
    2 Terrakion
    2 Sigilyph
    1 Cobalion

    Trainers 33
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 N
    2 Colress
    2 Shauna

    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Energy Switch
    2 Muscle Band
    2 Silver Bangle
    2 Hard Charm
    2 Switch
    1 Professor's Letter
    1 Tool Scrapper
    1 Computer Search

    2 Aspertia City Gym

    Energy 13
    4 Double Colorless Energy
    2 Metal
    2 Fighting
    2 Psychic
    1 Grass
    1 Fairy
    1 Darkness
  16. PokemonGeek

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  17. Guurtz

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    Curious to know people's take on Hooh post FLF. I have a list that I put together; lemme know what you guys think. I'm really considering Lysandre as a 1-2, not sure what to cut to add it. This supporter line has worked well for me in the past.

    pokemon; (15)

    2 hooh ex
    3 mewtwo ex
    2-2 raichu
    1 latias ex
    1 landorus ex
    1 virizion ex
    1 suicune
    1 bouffalant
    1 druddigon

    t/s/s; (32)

    4 juniper
    4 n
    3 bianca
    1 skyla

    4 ultra ball
    4 energy switch
    3 muscle band
    2 sky arrow bridge
    2 switch
    2 professor letter
    1 computer search
    2 startling megaphone

    energy; (13)

    4 dce
    3 grass
    2 fighting
    1 water
    1 fire
    1 psychic
    1 lightning
  18. PokemonGeek

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  19. Guurtz

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    has traditionally been a very good supporter in hooh, you are constantly dumping cards either by moving energy, searching for your counters or by trying to get rid of your hoohs. Makes it pretty easy to draw anywhere from 3-6 cards almost always. I'm open to change as the format has clearly moved away from bianca, it's just what in the past worked very well for the deck.
  20. Professor_N

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    In the past it worked well for this deck because this deck was only played when Bianca was considered good. Now this deck is not really ever played and Bianca is considered bad, so I'd rather play N's Juniper's Skyla's and Colress's.