“Hot Questions from a Fiery Set” – 7 Inquiries About Flashfire and a Look Back at InfernCatty

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    Excellent writing. This is the best Flashfire article I have read yet. It is evident you have done enough thinking and testing to write an unbiased and accurate article. Thanks for your insights.
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    Have you thought about using ditto with Milotic? It would allow you to attach to Exs out of nowhere
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    Loving the idea of Accelgor/Pyroar
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    I would have played a 3rd Mentor and perhaps a Budew :p
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    Yeah, I read about that before. Totally forgot to mention that in the article. I'm not sure how viable it would be with Yveltal ex being so prevalent, but you could still use Energy Switch to move Energy around (also, unlike Stoke, you don't open yourself up instantly to a powerful Evil Ball).

    Perhaps -1 Windstorm, +1 Mentor?[DOUBLEPOST=1399152801][/DOUBLEPOST]
    You're welcome! I would much rather tell people the truth rather than what they want to hear. Flashfire is, in my opinion, one of the weirdest sets to come out in recent memory because it has so much potential but no firepower. We can all look at Druddigon and say it's good, but we can't do that with many other cards.

    Personally, I like the change. When EXs first hit the scene, power creep went in a scary direction. Mewtwo EX came out, then Darkrai EX, then Rayquaza EX... It seemed every set was designed to do better than the one before it. We can look at XY and see some clear standouts (Trevenant, Yveltal EX, Aromatisse, etc.); the fact that they didn't print a Gardevoir EX with Take Out is, well, promising.
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