How do you feel about prize support?

Discussion in 'Pokemon TCG News & Gossip' started by Adam, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Saturn

    Saturn Member

    Does anyone even know what is coming next? You got 9 POP packs for playing in tournaments but during Battle Roads, they gave a letter saying "Stay tune for new rewards" saying POP packs would not be given out anymore...I wonder what the new rewards will be...
  2. chinigo

    chinigo Member

    Really? They said that? Great... they never update here in our place.... RawR.
    What could be the new rewards? :confused:
    And, I'm with kwisdumb on being against! Woooh!
  3. D.u.n.g.e.o.n

    D.u.n.g.e.o.n New Member

    I'd enjoy to win money like when i used to play magic: the gathering.
    I mean, i made my, deck i don't want any other cards that won't be in my deck, i don't enjoy collecting i enjoy playing.
    Scholarships in colleges are also a nice idea.
  4. Eeeon

    Eeeon Guest

    they're definitely weak, but thats better than no prizes at all lol
  5. YES I agree with you compleatly
  6. Renfield89

    Renfield89 Member

    I already have to pay $20 in gas there and back to all my Cities; I don't not wanna contribute fees to play on top of that.

    The prize support is legit for the free cost of tournaments, the well-run events, the promo opportunities we can get through league, etc.

    Complaining about prize support just doesn't do it for me. If anything the judges/league organizers/TOs deserve some compensation before the player base.
  7. hueglin

    hueglin Guest

    Being fairly new to the game I was not around when there were lavish prizes. I am quite happy with the prize support. The biggest bonus for me is that tournaments are free (excepting pre-releases - but you get more than what you pay for) and lots of fun.
  8. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    I guess I underestimated how much people value tournaments being free. Would a lot of you not go to tournaments if there was an entry fee, or would you still play?
  9. nardd

    nardd Guest

    It really depends on the fee and how many I go to. I only really make it to 1 or 2 each tournament session (I went to two cities, might go to a states, etc), so a small entry fee wouldn't affect me once. I'm sure those people that go to EVERY tourney in their area wouldn't enjoy paying 5 bucks for each one they went to, as that easily adds up over time.
  10. i wouldnt pay because im not realy competive enough yet (i still havnt found the right deck for me i tryed gyarados and i like it but it just wasnt me and sp's arnt it eather)
    and ideas for a good deck i could try plz pm it to me
  11. prizes are good but they used to be better so it looks like pokemons getting cheap.
  12. linkvader

    linkvader Active Member

    I've only started playing at the beginning of 2008, but it's kind of cool just getting boosters when you make top 4. But yeah, they aren't always ones you want, or might be really bad for you. I haven't been playing long enough to remember how prizes were the past few years.
  13. hueglin

    hueglin Guest

    It would depend on the cost, but considering I take my 8 year old son and that would double the cost - being free is a big bonus. I think free tournaments appeal to players like me who love the game, like a bit of competition, but are not overly worried about winning or getting prizes.