How to Be Really Good at State Championships

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by JayHornung, Feb 26, 2013.

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  2. superw8

    superw8 Did you?

    on your standard Blastoise list you did not put an Ace Spec, and that was probably the best article I have read in my entire life.
  3. JayHornung

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    Super: I know I emailed Adam about it and it should get switched shortly. Basically I added Tool Scrapper last minute and forgot to put Computer Search so when I added up the list I was fine and didn't notice it. I'm testing 11 Water/2 Electric and 1 Scrapper or 12 Water and 2 Electric.
  4. PP101

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    Awesome article, Jay, I absolutely loved it. :)

    I really like your Plasma/Blastoise idea, and I'm thinking of testing it, but I don't want to test it, decide to use it for States, and then find out I can't get any Tropical Beach. In your opinion, how essential is Beach to Blastoise's setup? Would I be able to get away without it?

    (PS: and no, I'm not gonna net-deck your list, if that's the way it sounds :p )
  5. JayHornung

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    Honestly, Beach is a must. If you don't have it I would play another deck.

    HAHA you can net deck it if you like, but find a list that works the best for you :)
  6. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    Then I guess I should just stick to my Darkrai/Fighting. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Nabeel

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    This is a thoughtful, helpful article. Actually ruined some trees to print this out. Thanks for taking the time to discuss personal deck building strategies, I wish there was more of that.
  8. darian619

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    BEST article ever!
  9. Crawdaunt

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    Because screw Slash :p

    Great article Jay. As someone who is also trying to tweak their Black Kyurem EX build, it was interesting to see the difference in deckbuilding style. It also really helped me re-affirm my own deck choices, despite the techs being so different. Thanks to your eloquently put descriptions of "why" each card and count was there, I was able to look at my deck and say "I have an answer to that situation, I've just gone about it differently." And that kind of mental exercise I feel is the best way to affirm your decklist choices and improve your deckbuilding skill. So the fact that this article encourages that thought process (and in such depth) is a wonderful accomplishment!
  10. JayHornung

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    I really appreciate all of the positive feedback, if you enjoyed the article and haven't yet please rate it a +1. Like I said I really appreciate all of the positive feedback any questions or comments please post and I'd love to get a good discussion going.

    Crawdaunt: Very true, I was just thinking more of the principal of it and less of the actual example I used :)
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  11. kgenthe

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    Great artical as always Jay, we're all secretly glad you haven't found a job yet ;)

    As much as I like Black Kyurem EX, I fear it's inclusion in Blastoise turns your Rayeels matchup from bad, to nearly impossible. Your essentially hoping your 2 Keldeo and 1 Mewtwo can go the distance and you no longer run enough water energy to load up a Keldeo to finish the game. I've reluctantly teched in a Kyogre EX as a counter to Eel decks. It's actually won me plenty of games, including double Tynamo KOs. It seems to be the only card that swings the Rayeel matchup back to even. It looks bad on paper but in testing it's pretty legit.

    I rather enjoy the Articuno/Lugia list however, one should never underestimate the power of automatic paralysis. The prize jump with Lugia is the icing on the cake.

    I know the following subjects have been answers and analyzed by the other UG writers, but what are your thoughts on Klinklang? It seems like it should have strong matchups against any deck that isn't teching for it. I remember the original Klinklang pretty much auto-won anything that didn't play Hammers (or Vileplume). If players underestimate 'Plasma Steel' it's prime to steal a few championships.

    I've seen you post your thoughts on Garbodor on other threads, but what do you think of this archetype? It saw a lot of success during Regionals and nothing in the new set should really affect it's play-ability.

    Lastly, what are your thoughts on Virbank/Lasers in Darkrai? I've tested it, and played against it plenty, but I personally find it a bit clunky. Your sacrificing 6 spots for a great "combo" with Dark Claw, but it isn't terrible difficult to disrupt (eviolite, tool scrapper, pokecenter, potion, max potion, etc). I've more or less given up on it and gone back to Darkrai/Terrakion (not far off from your Regionals list).

    Thank you again for the article, and especially your Deck Building advice. Good luck at States!
  12. Crawdaunt

    Crawdaunt Active Member

    Does Mewtwo really do anything against RayEels? tbh (as I'm about to mention in my article coming up in 2 days), BKEX vastly improves the matchup. If you're going to be OHKO'd in return anyways, you might as well only give up 4 energy instead of 6! :)
  13. JayHornung

    JayHornung Active Member

    Kgenthe: Rayeels is really hard but very winnable IMO. The big thing is you can't lead Black Kyurem EX and instead use it only to trade with Ray EX.

    Klingklang: really lacks good solid meta Pokemon and is extremely slow right now. As Airhawk discussed (and I agree with him) any half way decent EEls/Blastoise list with Victini will run right through it. I think its a really bad play week 1 but if the deck dies down and Victini/Garbardor starts to drop off its could be good.

    Garbardor is very meta dependent, if Blastoise still is huge (as I expect) it will be a solid play.

    Lasers in Darkrai is a must IMO, and I'd play it long before even considering Hammers.
  14. JayHornung

    JayHornung Active Member

    Crawdaunt: The games I've opened with it was huge to be able to start killing Tynamos Turn 2, but I never rely on it as an attacker outside of that.

    Black Kyurem EX is good and bad for the match up...the Dragon weakness really hurts with Promo Rayquaza.
  15. Crawdaunt

    Crawdaunt Active Member

    Promo Ray definitely hurts, but most people are running Victini now. I wouldn't say I rely on it... more that in the middle of an exchange, giving up 4 energy instead of 6 can let you put the extra 2 on a Keldeo for a future turn to finish the game off. It's all about gamestate (how many lightning they are cycling through in discard/field, how many Eels they have up, how many bench spaces are occupied with cards that aren't Rayquaza EX or Eelektrik etc...).

    I'd add my list is running 13 Water, 3 Lightning and has invested less in the setup and more in the late game power. Setting up a full Keldeo is still a very real possibility, but utilizing a Black Kyurem EX amidst the chaos is appreciated. With 16 Energy in deck (and 4 Retrieval), coming up with 4 as a response is very doable, while 6 is sometimes not.

    Really... against RayEels my attitude is often "If I'm not OHKO'ing, I'm not going to win," which I think is fairly true. Dropping a Squirtle as your free retreater allows you to retreat under their SAB as well, facilitating the OHKO with a surprise BKEX, rather than leaving it vulnerable to a Catcher-KO.

    Also... don't get me wrong. I'm not saying what amounts to RayBoar is somehow better against RayEels just because it's using Blastoise. But that the matchup is already somewhat unfavourable due to Keldeo's massive cost and Mewtwo's ineffectiveness. BKEX can't really make it worse, and I've found it improves it! :)
  16. kgenthe

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    Perhaps I'm underestimating the lasers, thanks for the quick response!
  17. Blueye95

    Blueye95 TCG is all i need

    Excelent article jay! Right now i am testing with Rayeels and Laserbank Dakrai for upcoming regionals. Have yet to decide wether to run rayquaza DRV, benchtini or both in Rayeels :)
  18. JayHornung

    JayHornung Active Member

    Kgenthe: yea from my testing I just can't image not play makes damage add up so much quicker.

    Blueye95: I'd say both if you have room.
  19. Blueye95

    Blueye95 TCG is all i need

    JayHornung: I'll see what i can do. Thanks for the quick responce

    Kgenthe: Poison damage adds up so quickly it isn't even funny. Even when you can't Night Spear the poison sets up ko's really quickly, especially on EXes with 170 HP :)
  20. lucarioAdventure1

    lucarioAdventure1 i swear on me mum

    Both are pretty good imo (Although bench-tini is much more droppable than ShredQuaza)