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    What is This Forum For?

    Deck help & development! And by that, we mean discussion for decks or ideas which are either struggling, untested, need brainstorming, and/or contain cards unreleased in English. If a deck is tested and has had some level of competitive success (even league level), it belongs in Competitive Deck Discussion (and likely already has a thread there). Otherwise, this is the place to post and get help!

    Any non-currently modified legal deck threads belong here too.

    Copacetic? Great! Now read over these instructions before you start creating new threads...

    1. Thread Titles

    Please make your thread titles as descriptive as possible.

    • Include the main Pokemon in the deck (along with set abbreviations).
    • If possible, include some indication toward the strategy. (Example: Rush, Lock)
    • Include a title if it is a known metagame deck (Example: LuxChomp)
    • Use a title which doesn't tell readers what is in the deck (Example: "My new rogue deck" or "Deck for Nationals")
    2. Deck Lists

    You do not have to include a complete deck list with your thread, but you are a lot more likely to receive help if you at least include a partial list. It looks lazy if you do not even make an attempt to build one.

    Deck lists should be formated like so:

    Pokemon – 21

    4 Nidoran F RG
    3 Nidorina RG
    4 Nidoqueen RG
    3 Pidgey RG
    2 Pidgeotto RG
    3 Pidgeot RG
    1 Feebas HL
    1 Milotic HL

    Trainers – 24

    4 Celio’s Network
    4 Copycat
    2 Steven’s Advice
    2 Rocket’s Admin.
    1 Mr. Briney’s Compassion

    4 Rare Candy
    3 Great Ball

    4 Desert Ruins

    Energy – 15

    6 Grass
    4 Double Rainbow
    3 Heal
    2 Fighting

    Pokemon must have their set abbreviation listed afterward (and set number if there are two of the same Pokemon in that set). You can see a full list of set abbreviations here.

    Other things to note:
    • For evolution lines, list the Basics first, then Stage 1s, and finally Stage 2s
    • List cards in descending counts
    • It makes the deck list easier to analyze when you group the Trainers by type (Supporters, Items, and Stadiums)
    3. Provide Constructive and Helpful Feedback

    • Provide thoughts and constructive criticism on some or all of the deck idea
    • Provide suggestions on card inclusions backed up with explanation
    • Appraise a deck without justification (Example: "This deck is lame")
    • Post suggestions without explanation (Example: Posting -3 this, +3 that)
    4. Japanese Cards

    If your deck contains unreleased Japanese cards, copy and paste the translations into your post AND include the URL where you found them (to give proper attribution).

    Nobody wants to take the time to look up the foreign cards in your deck. Assume that no one will actually look up the cards or give you help unless you include the translations.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.