How to Use The Deck List Depository

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    1. Read

    This is a read-only forum that is intended for reference purposes, so commenting is disabled here. It is updated by a moderator soon after each new Underground article is released.

    If you have questions about any of the deck lists, please first check out the article it came from to see if the author already addressed your concern. If not, then refer to the appropriate article thread and post there to ask the author about their list and/or get input from others.

    2. Search

    The search feature is your best friend in this forum. If you're looking for a deck that includes a specific card, just type it in the search box and every deck containing it should appear!

    3. Like

    If you find any list especially helpful, please click "Like" on that post so that others will know it's a good list.

    Thanks and enjoy!