“I Object, Your Honor…” – Different Decks and Surprising Techs

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by Kettler, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. FlareStarfire

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    It's intriguing theory, but one would also feel safe assuming that if they got a blastoise up, they were also able to put 3-4 energy onto a keldeo... if you take 2 turns taking out the blastoise, that's 2 prizes you're losing, and likely 1-2 water energy on a second keldeo, assuming the lock doesn't break from losing 2 gothitelle, right?

    I really, really need to find someone to help me test that matchup. It's such a huge question mark for me right now. ><
  2. Crawdaunt

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    My experience with the matchup has me heavily favoring Blastoise. Goth can outspend you with getting item lock, but I can honestly subsist off of manual attachments alone. Once an undamaged Keldeo hits 4 energy the game is practically over. And considering your low catcher counts in goth, hitting a catcher when you need it as well as streaming deck and cover (and applying enough pressure before turn 4), Blastoise has a big advantage even without deluge.