Article “I Still Believe In Fairies!”-A Look at Xerneas/Aromatisse

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    Hi again. My first attempt at an article wasn't too good, so I hope this is better.:)

    Hello there SixPrizes. My name is Sidney Barber and today’s topic is going to be about a semi-popular, though still potent, deck in this format-Xerneas/Aromatisse; this deck is mostly based around the Fairy types we got from XY.

    To start with, let me explain a little bit about the deck-it is slightly different to other decks such as Darkrai, though it possesses most, if not all, of the things a deck needs to function well i.e. a solid engine around which you can build the deck.

    I’ll now analyze the cards for you and discuss how they contribute to the deck.

    Xerneas XY

    Probably one of the most vital cards in the deck. Geomancy is a great way to stream your energy attachments-for just 1 Fairy, you get to fish 2 out of the deck! This is also a good way to maximize your chances of drawing into consistency cards, as there is less chance of hitting something that isn’t as important or necessary.

    The second attack, Rainbow Spear, is mediocre at best, although it can be used to counter Pokemon such as Suicune PLB and Sigyliph DRX; but something else will need to be run to counter Pyroar.

    I suggest running 3, as it practically ensures that you will be able to have at least 1 Xerneas in play in every game.

    Aromatisse XY

    Thanks to Rainbow Energy, Aromatisse can now be run in a similar way to Klinklang or Hydreigon from previous metagames, but it is a mandatory inclusion in Straight Fairies, as you can move Fairy Energy around the board as often as you like. This introduces another factor into Fairies-Max Potion; it can be used to keep your Pokemon in play for as long as possible, without having to discard all your Energy.

    As with Xerneas, because Aromatisse is so vital to the deck, a high count of it will need to be run. 3-3 is a good line to go with as it doesn’t take up as much space as a 4-4 line does, while not being as risky a play as I could foresee 2-2 being.

    Slurpuff XY

    This is the Fairy equivalent of Virizion EX, although unfortunately it is not as competitive as its deer counterpart-the reason being space. Seeing as Slurpuff is a Stage 1 rather than an EX, it means your list will become more inconsistent. Besides, Slurpuff doesn’t really offer much to the deck. Having 2 Aromatisse in play seems to be a more ideal play than having 1 Aromatisse sitting there on the bench while Slurpuff merely watches on, occasionally blocking things such as LaserBank, though in general just not doing much good at all.

    If despite reading this, you are still adamant on playing Slurpuff, by all means go ahead-a 1-1 line would be the best option.

    Xerneas EX

    Despite high-cost attacks, Xerneas EX isn’t too bad as a sweeper to be reserved for late game. The only problem I could find is that, having used X Blast, you cannot attack next turn, which is a real downside.

    Break Through could be used as a weaker Night Spear, and 30-spread damage is quite an appealing prospect, but this route should only be taken if your opponent does not run Mr. Mime.

    Some Fairy lists choose to run Xerneas EX as their main attacker, so in this case I would suggest running 3-4, while if you decide to run it purely as backup, 1-2 would be best.

    Fairy Garden

    This card is the most amazing card in the deck, and is yet another component that fits with Aromatisse.

    What does it do, I hear you ask? Well, Fairy Garden gives all your Pokemon with Fairy Energy attached free retreat. This also gives Fairies a way to get round the tech Catchers that some decks still run: ‘Fairy Transfer’ to the Active, retreat into the attacker you were using before, and continue as though nothing ever happened.

    Some people think that it is too easy for Tropical Beach or Virbank to win the Stadium war against Fairy Garden, effectively ruining your deck; however, the answer to that problem is just to run more copies!

    To give you the best chance of ensuring that you have a Fairy Garden in play the whole game, you will want to run 3-4.

    The Deck List

    With all the mandatory stuff covered, let me provide you with a list:


    4 Xerneas XY

    2 Xerneas EX

    1 Mewtwo EX

    3 Aromatisse

    3 Spritzee

    1 Mr. Mime


    3 Professor Sycamore

    3 Shauna

    3 N

    3 Skyla

    2 Random Receiver

    3 Ultra Ball

    2 Level Ball

    3 Max Potion

    2 Muscle Band

    2 Startling Megaphone

    3 Super Rod

    2 Switch

    1 Dowsing Machine

    3 Fairy Garden


    11 Fairy

    Card Explanations

    4 Xerneas XY

    Within minutes of starting to build the deck, I decided that I wanted to max out my Xerneas count to increase my chances of starting with it, as a Turn 1 Geomancy is too good to pass up.

    1 Mewtwo EX

    Let’s face the facts here-Mewtwo loves any deck with Energy manipulation/acceleration; X Ball’s ever-building damage is a good thing to focus a Fairy deck around when you can endlessly accelerate onto it.

    1 Mr. Mime

    This is a necessary inclusion to prevent your opponent from knocking out your Pokemon, as it stops spread damage reaching your Pokemon like Aromatisse that are so vulnerable on the bench.

    Dowsing Machine

    There are so many Trainers in this deck that you wish you could run more of them; if you ever feel like that when building a deck, you know that you should probably run Dowsing Machine over Computer Search.


    Even though it hasn’t seen much play as Fairybox builds as of late, I still believe that Straight Fairies is a very competitive deck that is a slightly unusual choice, but still a good one if you want to try something different. Until next time, see ya!
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    No, just no. ONLY Mewtwo? Charge up a big Mewtwo, KO'd by a Mewtwo,Deoxys/Yveltal/BKEX and those are just a few. then once they do that you have nothing left on the board.
  3. PokemonGeek

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    Fairies doesn't work like that. You move the Energy about and take KO's. You don't leave energy on something forever
  4. baby_mario

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    You're still going to have to drop a LOT of Energy on Mewtwo to get a KO. How are you goint to move it off before your opponent attacks, KO's Mewtwo, and discards all your Energy? Mewtwo isn't Mega Khangaskhan . . . it can't sit there and tank.
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  5. PokemonGeek

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    Remember, I just prefer to run Mewtwo. You can run Xerneas EX, M Kangaskhan or whatever
  6. OshaWaterBottle

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    You are writing an article on the deck, make sure your list is good before you write about it. Test the matchups and whatever else you need to do.
  7. PokemonGeek

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    Okay, I'll edit.
  8. baby_mario

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    Yeah, it's not like picking what colour t-shirt you wear while you are playing though. It's not a neutral choice that has no impact on the deck. I pointed out a legitimate fault with your strategy, just citing 'preference' is not a legitimate response when you are writing an article.

    'Preferring' just Mewtwo means your deck will be significantly worse than if you 'preferred' to run other attackers as well.
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    Thanks. I guess it is back to the drawing board.
  10. OshaWaterBottle

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    Fixed that for you.
  11. tonenkyra

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    definitely consider a 2nd mewtwo or yveltal (evil ball does the same thing except your guaranteed an extra 20 damage).