I Wanna Be the Very Best – Plays of the Top Players from US Nats ’13

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  2. What are your thoughts on the Plasma VS Gothitelle matchup, any tips for when playing Plasma and you're against Gothitelle, who has the advantage and why?

    PS: Great Article!
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    Did Ross give you his list? He was saying on heyfonte he preferred to keep it secret until after worlds?
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    A secret list for an old deck? Does it matter so much? Maybe....

    Any thoughts on adjustments to make for those who need to grind in?
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    I know for a fact Edmond played 4 catchers.
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    luxchomp_master - Gothitelle has the advantage against Plasma as long as it gets a proper set up because Gothitelle prevents you from playing over 50% of the cards in your deck and does not allow you to ever attack again. This means that when you are the Plasma player your job is to do whatever you can to prevent that set up. In this match up target whatever they have the fewest of on the field. If you opponent has 2 Gothitas but 1 Shelmet then I would usually go for the one Shelmet. If they have 2 Shelmets but only one Gothita then I will try to Knock out the Gothita. This will help you delay their full set up for as long as possible.

    cabd - Ross did not give me his list which is why I the first sentence for that section says that I displayed a standard updated Garchomp/Altaria list. I do know a majority of his card choices though.

    FlareStarfire - Grinding will be no easy task this year. If I were to enter the LCQ at Worlds I would stray away from decks that a lot of strong matchups but also weak matchups as well. For example Klinklang does great when paired against Darkrai or Blastoise decks but struggles far to much when competing against Rayeels,Garbodor, or any deck featuring multiple non EX attackers. You never know what decks you could run into during the LCQ and due to the single elimination format I personally would not risk playing a deck and hoping that I can dodge several decks throughout the day. I would want to choose a deck capable of beating anything that I come across and leave the rest up to finding the perfect list and getting in all of the practice necessary for success.

    If you will be competing in the LCQ then good luck!!! I hope that you make it through!

    Marking22 - Awesome, thanks for the info. Like I mentioned, I did not have Edmunds exact list. Four Catchers is a very intriguing idea to help with matchups that your opponents get multiple Keldeos on the field.
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  7. Which deck is a better choice for Worlds in your opinion? Gothitelle, Plasma or Blastoise?
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    luxchomp_master - Unfortunately that is such a difficult question to tackle considering we have not had time to fully digest all of the Nationals results. There is really no wrong answer from the three choices that you mentioned. Even if I was to have a sure opinion on the matter currently, it would most likely change a few times before Worlds. I feel like I need to test out all of the tier one decks now that Nationals is over before I can actually answer that question with certainty. Any of the three choices you mentioned will make a fine choice for Worlds this year!
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    zcbivens Thanks. I will likely try to hedge my blastoise deck at this point against goth and Garbo. Can't take a straight consistency list or I'm likely to run into something that isn't darkrai, plasma, or blastoise during the grinders.
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    One thing is sure, if someone made a Gothi list consistent enough to fit more than 2 catchers it sounds like we have a new bdif... Even Blastoise and Darkrai triple Keldeo have a bad matchup...
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    I ran into a goth running 4 catchers on PTCGO. I wish I knew what they'd given up for the extra catchers.
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    Personally, I would take out either a Pokemon Communication or an Ultra Ball from the list posted in my article if I were to add in the 4th Catcher. I could also see a Supporter being replaced with the 4th Catcher considering we have 14 atm AND 3 Tropical Beach
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    If he don't play musharna (or town map) it's very easy to find space for the 4th catcher.
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    The Darkrai/Garbodor list doesn't seem to have an ACE-SPEC. I assume this wasn't intentional?
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    That is odd. The list should be -1 Crushing Hammer +1 Dowsing Machine. Thank you for catching that sibon.

    Gold Potion is actually a nice inclusion in that deck as well. It is huge against opposing Darkrai decks in particular but works well against everything else also. Since we stop Blastoise's energy acceleration it is very hard for them to OHKO our Darkrais. The same goes for Plasma with their Power Connects cut off.
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    I'd imagine it would be, yes. Anyway, great article! Possibly my favourite UG entry in a while.