“If You Ain’t First…” – Second Tier Hopefuls for Regionals

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  2. thematteo0

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    Just noticed a mistake under Plasma Badge section:

    " Colress Energy and Colress Machine"

    Should be Plasma Energy and Colress Machine.
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  3. daGlaceon

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    Blastoise Tier Two is so dumb. However, without Black Kyurem, I can see it being Tier Two. Now, did you not include BKEX so it would become Tier 2 or do you actually think it is Tier 2?
  4. Adam

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    daGlaceon I think Andy's intention was to show a lower tiered Blastoise list that would be slightly better against Garbodor. I'm pretty sure he thinks it's tier 1 with BKEX.
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    Hey, thanks for reading and replying. I guess I could have made this more clear in the body of the article. I believe Black Kyurem EX Blastoise is one of the top three decks in the format. Even though Darkrai/Garbodor won the KO, I do not think it is a top tier deck for Regionals because of the 50 minute time limit. However, I think a lot of people will be playing Garbodor of some sort. For example, HeyTrainer just wrapped up it's modified tournament and four of the Top 8 were Garbodor decks.

    This is where the proposed Blastoise list comes it. It is inherently less powerful than the one with Black Kyurem. However, because this version can get it's field set up with less turn-after-turn reliance on Deluge, it fairs a bit better against most of the Garbodor decks.

    My apologies on the confusion.
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  6. Parenting101

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    Great article. I keep wanting to play the heavy ThundurusEX/LugiaEX Plasma build because I love fast and hard hitting decks. Unfortunately, this annoying Pokemon called Suicune is running rampant in our area! :(
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    That's interesting, we haven't seen much of Suicune. What are they playing with Suicune? From what I undertand, most are running it with Terrakion. So you should be able to catcher around it. Three Terrakion will be six prizes.
  8. lucarioAdventure1

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    A very good change from what we have seen a lot recently +1

    Have to ask though, have you considered running Frozen City in the Lugia/Plasma build? Or is the fact it can be countered by Tropical Beach just makes it too gimmicky?
  9. Parenting101

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    We have a few players playing the Suicune/Terrakion deck which is doing surprisingly well. Some players have started adding Tropius to help with the Keldeo and mirror match ups and some players have even put Suicune in their Blastoise decks.

    As for catchering around Suicune, as soon as they know that you aren't playing any non-EXs, they won't bench another Terrakion.

    Think I play around with it a little more with a couple non-EXs, to see if I can make it work.
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    Terrakion/Suicune won't be a common at Regionals, but I'd like to point out nobody is going to drop 3 Terrakion and let you steal 6 prizes. They might drop 2 tops...but there going to force you to deal with the Suicune.