I’m on the Road to Vancouver City! Meet My Friends in Indy Along the Way…

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    Fantastic. This is just what I needed going to Vancouver and pinning my hopes on the grinder. Thank you very much, good sir.
  3. Nice article! And also, there's no point in running Double Keldeo in Plasma if you want to retreat it; it's purpose is to get both out and one of them attacking. You put pressure early game with Absol, Thundurus or Kyurem while you charge one of your Keldeos. Then they have to KO one of the Keldeos (it's not that hard, I know) and you probably killed 2/3 Gothitelles already.
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    I'm going to be staying with you and Adam too Ray.


    In all seriousness, I like your revised Blastoise list. It's only about 3 cards difference to the one I played at my nationals (albeit, given the nature of Blastoise's seemingly 57 card skeleton, it's not suprising), but those 3 cards tend to have a lot of impact, especially in a Skyla heavy deck.

    I'm leaning towards Rayquaza for worlds, but Blastoise would be a close contender.
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    Vysekun can't wait to room with you! :D And luxchomp_master this is true but it takes time to power up a Keldeo under the lock which is why Audino could potentially be better. I don't think there is exactly one correct way to go about the plasma vs. goth matchup. Im currently testing both options and I don't think there is a defined line saying that one is better than the other. They are both useful vs. Goth and Im positive you will need Keldeo or Audino to have a chance in the matchup.
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    ."I can picture one making Top 8 and barely squeaking by just like at US Nationals, but I don’t see it going the distance."

    To bad I wont be there to Squeak by. Also on the plasma list I would rather just take my autoloss to goth then to play two Audino.
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    Good article Ray! This will be the first time that I am attending Worlds (thanks to the fact that I live next to Vancouver) and I am really looking forward to everything! I will be attempting to Grind in with both of my kids (1 junior, 1 senior), and I found your article quite helpful.

    I am hoping to meet as many 6P members in person as possible. Just to say "Hi", play a game, or even head out and show some of you our great city!
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    Squeaky Accepting an autoloss to the deck that just won nationals could be a huge risk :/
    Parenting101 Definitely say hi :D
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    Would you say Audino would hurt the consistency of a plasma deck if 2 were put in? If so how greatly? Also great article.
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    LT45 It would hurt the consistency by a bit yes, but without outs to the lock the Goth matchup is almost unwinnable :/ Will you lose games because of having Audino in your deck over certain cards possibly.... Depending on the matchup. Its all about what your expecting to play against. If your expecting to play against at least 2 Goth's in swiss Audino is probably worth it. It also cures one of Lasers conditions so it might not actually be a dead card in other matchups.
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    Ok, what is the grinder? Maybe there will be a lot of Klinklang decks there...:p
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    I would say it would be foolish to bring a deck to the absolute last chance you have to get into worlds that will lose handily to anything in tier 1, let alone the deck that was 1/3rd of our National T8; but, this doesn't stop people from bringing things like say Articuno Garbodor anyways. On the bright side, what I would call grinch decks will be filtered out -very- quickly in Grinder; after all, it's like a giant Top Cut. I am absolutely expecting to face at least one goth-lock if I get past round 1. This means no playing a deck that can't beat gothlock.​