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Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by HenryP, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Great deck advice Henry! A few comments :)

    1. Empoleon's worst matchup is Darkrai/Garbodor. It's really bad... especially if they opt to run a couple Catchers. The deck is still probably the most well-rounded but it does have one bad matchup. Kind of tough not to in a format this diverse though! Tool Drop is also a bit unfavourable...

    2. Yes! 2-2-2 Dusknoir in Darkrai. Love it. You don't need Dusknoir until the turn you're about to take a 2HKO (i.e. usually turn 4). No need for Candy! Just play 2-2-2 and with the save spaced vs. something like a 2-0-2 line with 3 candy, throw in a Level Ball that sets up your Dusknoir better. I came to the same conclusion, so I love this!

    3. Love that Darkrai/Terrakion list. How has Shaymin EX faired? Why have you opted to include it over something else? I really like it and can think of plenty of good reasons, but wouldn't mind hearing your logic :)

    Also, without Catcher or Laser, how do you find the Empoleon matchup for Darkrai/Terrak?
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    I've been exclusively playing Empoleon as my deck and my WORST matchup is Plasma. They get Kyurems out so fast, Blizzard Burn for 120, or with 2 Deoxys for knockout on Empoleon. Or ThunderusEX for 30 with weakness.

    Darkrai, you can usually 2 shot. They hit me once, I can easily max potion away the damage. They cannot.

    If they shut down your abilities, you can still hit hard for 1 energy.
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    Plasma's not a good matchup to be sure. I just wouldn't consider it the worst matchup. With 2-2 Leafeon I've been able to deal with it relatively well. Not favourable, but not in Dark/Garb range. Something always goes wrong against Dark/Garb. I haven't had room for Max Potion though, since most decks OHKO Empoleon anyways. That'd help... But Claw + Laserbank and trading Stage 2's for Basics is unfavourable. Most important is that they run Catcher, which lets them get that one turn a game where they KO a fresh Empoleon and don't have to hit an active with only 30 HP left. I would put it at like... 35/65 whereas I'd give Plasma 45/55ish.

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    Shaymin has been amazing in Darkrai Terrakion, it's won me multiple games with Energy Switch/Hooh plays and can turn so many games around. Thanks for all the feedback guys!
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    I would think the worst matchup would be a lugia focused plasma build. They one shot for 2 prizes, you two shot for 2 prizes.
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    I realize I was a bit biased in outright declaring DarkGarb as the worst matchup. Still, I don't think Lugia is worse because of the energy investment required. It's the whole, "eggs in one basket" thing that Lugia suffers from. I also find Leafeon a lifesaver in that mathup. Unfavourable to be sure.
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    Now don't get me wrong, as I have never used Dusknoir before, but wouldn't candy just be better and more consistent? You really only need 2 candy as long as you have enough draw power. .
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    How is making your evolution reliant on a 2-card combo more consistent? Faster yes. More consistent? Nay. And since Darkrai only wants Dusknoir by turn 3-4 at the earliest, what's the rush? Slow and steady wins the race.