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  1. OshaWaterBottle

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    Hey Tyler its James H. Remember me?
  2. xmadness

    xmadness New Member

    yes i do remember u :)
  3. RodimusPrime55

    RodimusPrime55 New Member

    Hey everyone, names Gumby and I'm the Indiana. Started playing back in the beginning (basic set WOC era) up to Aquapolis which then I took a 15 year break until recently getting back into the game with my wife. Since that break I have graduated high school got married and started a family......a family that games together! Hoping to become a more competitive player and maybe play in a city/state/and maybe national and worlds one day.
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  4. DraculHemming

    DraculHemming Coordinator

    Hello. I am Richard. However, my friends call me Dracul. I go to the Pokemon League in Gulfport, MS. Typhlosion is my favorite Pokemon (as in, if I don't have Typhlosion with me, something's up). I am a player of both the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the Video Game.
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  5. Phoenix15

    Phoenix15 I Flew Into a Burning Ring Of Fire...

    Hi! I'm Spencer. I play TCG competitively and the video games for fun. I am building a Trevenant/Accelgor deck for TCG. My favorite pokemon has to be Delphox, Cobalion or Torterra.
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  6. Elbow

    Elbow Klinklang-arang

    Hello! My name is Elliot S. and I'm a competitive senior from NJ (next year a master). I've been playing the video game since I was 6 and since I loved the concept. I had gotten cards from over the years and eventually went to a local league...which was only 5 minutes away from my house-one of the reasons why I still play today. I had a bunch of mishmash cards; some fake some majorly torn, but after I fully learned the game within the next year I was hooked. I then went to pre-releases and small tournaments that weren't too far away. I never did well, but I liked just being there. I finally got the online aspect of it when going onto sites like and for news and learned more about the games from their forums and such.
    Last season (2012-13) I had decided I would try to go competitive. Because I was and still are a school student, all the tournaments I could go to were close by parents didn't understand my dream yet. I had done well at a battle roads or 2 and did ok at one cities, which ATM I thought was really good. I convinced my parents to let me go to my first regionals tournament with my good friend who used to play the game. I played Klinklang at the time and that was my go-to deck. At regionals I went 5-2...I was 4-0 at one point so I got to be put up on a stream (ggslive round 5/4...I'm in the first minute of the video), but its kind of funny because I was donked AND the commentators swapped my name with the opponent, so they thought I won lol. But for me, this was my 1st official top cut. My 1st round opponent was just like me, we both used klinklang, but I started first so I won that. Then it came to be the 2nd round, where I faced Roguechomp (Arjun) using Big Basics and didn't turn out well. But after that day, 80 CP and 24 packs of flashfire later, I felt like Red.
    At that time I had about 100 CP, and I thought, WOW, all I need to do is get Top 8 at Nationals and I can be famous (or something). Again, instead of waiting around all summer I convinced my parents to go to Indianapolis for Nationals. I ran with Klinklang again and ended up with a 5-2 record after the first day. I knew that 7-2's made it in, 6-3's were all maybes. On the second day I managed to win the last 2 rounds to secure my 2nd top cut in the season! And then, then, I face Roguechomp AGAIN in Top Cut...and again it didn't end well (he didn't even scoop to me being friends too ;( ). The lousy 9 packs and sleeves made me want more redemption for this season.
    I am now at around 150 CP, with being a High schooler I don't have as much time to go to events, like I only managed to go to 1 regionals this season. I did manage to make many more top cut finishes then last season. 2 Top Cut's at Cities (4, 2), 2 Top Cut's at States (both 8th), and many LC wins (at least 4 wins, 4 lower). I don't have anything near close to where other seniors in my area do, but I am a very good player, and I am great about thinking about what may be good/bad in decks. I plan on going to Nationals again this year and also Worlds for the Grinder unless if I do good at Nationals.
    TL;DR Hi my name is Elliot S., and I hope to fill up 6P soon with my posts!
  7. Roguechomp

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    Man that Roguechomp kid sounds like a total jerk.
  8. Elbow

    Elbow Klinklang-arang

    But I totally got him back in all of those LC's right!
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  9. Roguechomp

    Roguechomp Active Member

    LCs > anything
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  10. Plus_Four

    Plus_Four New Member

    Hi - my name is George Maczugowski & I'm a master from Plymouth in the UK.

    New to the game & in my first competitive season after giving up Yugioh!

    Living in a "remote" part of UK means it's difficult to get to Regionals so I've only managed one this year (hosted by our local TO). Am really looking forward to attending my first Pokemon Nationals in less than 2 weeks!
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  11. OshaWaterBottle

    OshaWaterBottle Active Member

    Good Luck!
  12. 8M8

    8M8 Garchomp deck user

    Hi, my name is Miguel. My friends call me M, but you can also call me eight-em-eight lol. I'm a little new to the game, but I really love it. I used to play competitive Pokémon(Videogame)then my friends who play TCG a lot invited me to learn to play and sold me a basic Garchomp/Altaria deck, which I try to improve more and more everyday! Garchomp decks are awesome, Dragonblade+2 Altaria+Silver Bangle= Everything dies.

    Anyway nice to meet you :)
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  13. metalcorpse

    metalcorpse New Member

    Howdy y'all, I'm Blake I'm a 22yr old master in Columbia IL. I played pokeMon when I was little then quit and what do you know my friend brings me back into it 17 years later. I play very competitively/love trolling people. I'm known as the troller in my league in St.Louis MO and Waterloo IL.

    I also am new to building Pokemon decks so I'll be posting 2 new threads of my new decks. I hope to gain knowledge and get into finals and win.
    About me
    I use to box for 6 years, mma for 2 years, and cage fighting for 2 years. Once I gave all that up I started working on farms. As of right now I work in cooking Because I love to cook. I work 3 jobs.
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  14. ThePokemonBeast

    ThePokemonBeast A Beast At Everything Pokemon

    Hi I'm Ollie! I'm from Stockport in UK and looking forward to posting stuff on here
  15. PokemonGeek

    PokemonGeek Derp, Derp, Derpity Derp

    Seems you already have...
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  16. jetstr3am

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    Hi, I'm Jacky. Hoping to get your expert infos and analysis.