IronShadows (Scizor, Umbreon)

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  1. Griffener

    Griffener New Member

    I've been running this deck for about 2 days now, and it seems to be working well, but I'd like your opinions.

    Pokemon - 21

    4 Scyther UD (afterimage strike)
    4 Scizor Prime UD

    4 Eevee (2 MD, 2 RR)
    2 Umbreon UD
    1 Umbreon MD
    1 Umbreon Prime UD

    2 Uxie LA
    1 Azelf LA

    1 Unown UD (DARK)
    1 Unown ? (for more speed)

    T/S/S - 25
    1 Burned Tower
    1 Conductive Quarry
    1 Ruins of Alph
    2 Judge
    2 Black Belt
    2 Twins
    3 Bebe's Search
    2 Fisherman
    1 Interviewers Questions
    2 Pokemon Collector
    2 PokeComm
    2 Expert Belt
    3 Seeker
    1 Flower Shop Lady

    Energy - 14
    4 Special Darkness
    4 Special Metal
    2 Darkness
    4 Metal

    Thanks for your help!
  2. indercarnive

    indercarnive Well-Known Member

    -1 ruins of aplh
    -1 fisherman
    -1 seeker
    -2 black belt
    +2 pokemon collector
    +2 pokemon comm
    +1 bebe's search

    this is for max consitency
  3. Griffener

    Griffener New Member

    Ok, done. Do you think I should take out the eevee lines and put in:
    4 Houndour UD (Jump on)
    2 Houndoom UD
    2 Houndoom Prime UD
  4. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    no eevee line is better
  5. lennyblagh

    lennyblagh Member

    -1 burnt tower
    +1 iq
    +1 conductive quarry
    +1 mesprit
    +1 espeon md
    and run 4 eevee md for call for family
  6. lennyblagh

    lennyblagh Member

    uh no. umbreon is beastly against everything except mewperior (quick setup) and machamp variants. i think its a great idea.
  7. lennyblagh

    lennyblagh Member

    i know some people think houndoom is a good tech, but if you really want it, run a 2-2 line with 1 prime and 1 regular ud
  8. Griffener

    Griffener New Member

    I'm not gonna take out burned tower, but I will add another CC soon when I get one. Now that I think about it, I won't add houndour etc. Any ideas about a good strategy against dialgachomp?
  9. ricky

    ricky New Member

    I know some people have suggested different changes, and I am not sure which ones you have made, but here are a couple of ideas you might like:

    against Dialgachomp, you could actually run a 1-1 line, or even a 2-2 line if you want, of the houndoom from Legends Awakened. It is a fire type, so it gets the type advantage over Dialga. It only has 80 HP, which is a bit mediocre for a stage 1, but it only has a +20 weakness to water, which is completely out of the question since Gyarados one-shots it anyway (but i would question why you would even have it out in the 1st place against G-dos). it also has only 1 retreat cost, which you can neutralize w/ unown Q. it's Poke Body, Revenge Fang (which does nothing against DGX, but it is also nice against Steelix and Scizor Prime), states that if you have less benched Pokemon than your opponent, each of it's attacks does 40 more damage. for only 1 Colorless, Burning Sensation does 20, and auto-burns if the defending pokemon already has damage on it. it's second attack, which you might not prefer to use if you want to stick w/ your current energy line (it costs 2 fire), is Bright Flame, which does 60 damage, but you have to flip a coin, and if it's tails, you have to discard 2 fire attached to it. if you want to stick with the current energy line, burning sensation is still very good against DGX, because with a belt, that is 80 damage, and possibly a burn, but it's more useful against Steelix and Scizor Prime, because you have Revenge fang, meaning if you have a belt, burning sensation does a base 80, which becomes 160 on both of these primes.