“It’s Been a Minute” – An All-Inclusive Tome on the Early NXD-XY Format

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    Outstanding review of the format so far. At this point, my son and I need a library of solid decks to test with/against, and this article gives us that!
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    This is the best Underground article I've read in a while, and that's a big statement considering that Jay Hornung wrote one this week. I absolutely want to see more articles from you.
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    This article was amazing. Honestly, no complaints. Just wondering, how many words was it?
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    It says right on the front page.
    Words: 18,024
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    Congratulations on the brilliant return))
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    Sorry didn't see that haha. Thanks!
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    Yeah, I signed up for the early February date...and quickly realized it was about the worst point to have to write because I'd have to address an entire brand new format without taking for granted that any of the archetypes have any sort of stock lists available even. This MAY be my longest article to date, which is saying something as I always managed to irritate Adam with overly lengthy works before.

    Also, if anyone wants to ask any questions, be it about anything from my article, or just in general about cards or deck ideas, ask away in here. I'll be honest, I can't promise I'll be on top of things immediately in here because I have a busy few days coming up, but I'd love to try and get some discussion going on about the new format.
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    Alright Chris a few quick questions?

    1.) Did you ever regret going to down to only 3 Holon Transceivers?

    2.) Outside of being versatie was their really any need for Mew EX in Speed Spread?

    3.) How come Sceptile EX saw almost no play that season?

    4.) Are you still glad that you dropped the 4th SSU for the 2 Vaporeon EX?
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    1.) Well...I mean, yes, I guess I do regret it? It never negatively impacted me over the course of the event ( I went x-1 in swiss and was 2nd seed behind Joner going into t32 ) but the whole reason for my split was to go with a 3rd Mentor to help against Houndoom ( and to a lesser extent Disconnect ) because the Houndoom Banette Medicham deck leaked during the grinder and was very popular and it was my hardest matchup. Since the deck didn't make an impact in the main event, the switch was unnecessary and made the deck a little bit worse, even if it never came into play for me.

    2.) Mew EX just made the deck too consistent and aggressive. It was just the glue that held the deck together. It made it easier to open with what attack you want to by having wildcard openers. So I guess its versatility was the selling point, but it was a necessity to make sure the deck was fast enough to put the pressure down ASAP in games where otherwise you'd end up with too many games where you miss a turn or two of applying damage because you have to jockey your attacker active. Every game was super close with the deck, so it matters.

    3.) Uh....I assume you mean the delta one, and it saw a little bit of fringe play as a 1-0-1 line in decks. I was testing Metanite for Worlds, and had it in there and it was a major appeal of the deck as a whole because it was the most capable to splash it due to the draw power. I actually was expecting a lot...well, enough...of it for Worlds to the point where I added the fire type Mew into my Speed Spread deck to combat it.

    4.) Yeah. I am. SSU always flipped tails for me :p The best card in the deck was Vaporeon IMO. I wasn't entirely sold on the deck going into Nats. I wanted to play Metanite ( I used it for Regionals and it was by far my favorite deck in the format ) but was unable to get it to beat Infernape. In fact, Infernape had been dominant in our testing overall despite all our best efforts to beat it. I used Ape for the warm up tournament the day before Nats and went x-1 with it but I still wasn't happy with the deck. I had very bad results with Speed Spread at States, but I audibled over to it due to it being the one deck I felt was good against Infernape. As a result, I wanted to make sure to win that matchup, and Vaporeon was the best way to do it. The format was all based around Delta Draw too, and if you could cut off the card advantage with a quick Vaporeon and apply pressure, a lot of decks crumpled. I don't mind the 4th SSU over it, and that was the one card difference between mine and Eric Craig's list, but I absolutely stand by my choice of the 2nd Vaporeon based on preference.
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    True story: At Nats 2007 Eric Craig opened with a lone Basic, accidentally played SSU and flipped heads (for the rare turn 1 Bench out). His opponent let him take it back though.
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    Yeah. So who are you going to support the deck choice of, THAT guy, or the 2004 Worlds Finalist and overall stud of a man, me? /enddebate.
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    Good to see you writing again. You were my favourite UG author back then :)

    Really really keen on the Trevanent ideas. I'd really like to try mashing your ideas together, dropping the Dusknoir and playing Flareon in Trev/Accelgor/Garbodor. I haven't had the time with the set yet to test, but how confident are you with how well Trevanent stands up to the format? I really enjoyed your thoughts on Suicune and going into the hurdle it creates.
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    Well, I'm honestly not sure how I feel Trevenant holds up overall. I don't think it is the best deck in the format. I think it beats a certain wedge of the format very, very well, and struggles in other areas. It can be tweaked to beat some of those decks, but I honesty don't think it can be built to beat ALL of them at the same time. I don't think I'd want to use the Tree into an unknown metagame, but I think it is deck you want the option to play if the metagame you are walking into looks vulnerable. If the deck catches legs and is dominant, it can't really compete against everyone gunning to beat it in different ways, sadly. If it drops out of favor, you'll find the metagame shifts to a vulnerable state and the deck becomes a very very good choice again.

    I don't think I would cut the Dusknoir, as "clunky" as it is. The major appeal of the deck to me is being able to establish a hard lock against certain decks, and I don't want to give those "free wins" up. Its running 3 cards to more or less auto win a percentage of the field, and thats one of the reasons I like the deck.
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    I tested it last night...the Rayboar match up is extremely easy, but Plasma is a near auto loss.
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    In your Yveltal/Bouffalant you did not feel you needed a Tool Scrapper or 2? I don't see any Switches and with only 1 Escape Rope you're going to have a hard time retreating, or am I missing something? Saying this b/c we have been testing it against DarkGarb and it always loses so we are adding in a Tool Scrapper.

    BTW, you commentated on our son's juniors finals match in St. Louis. That was a real treat for the kiddos to get streamed like that!
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    You can add more switches, or Tool Scrappers. I'm not sure which I prefer, just because I wouldn't want either against any deck besides Garbodor. I think Switch has more universal application, but Muscle Band is a pretty big roleplayer now. It is such a proactive card that I hate Scrappering it just because they already got value out of it and a lot of times you can just return the KO. I wasn't doing too poorly vs Garbodor because, even though your Keldeo and Darkrai's ability gets shut off, you have Escape Rope and Scramble Switch ( which I was running over the comp at the time ) plus DCE and Yveltal/Dark Patch energy to retreat off of. I didn't get a chance to log a ton of games in the matchup, so the current configuration could be a bit weak there, so adding a card or two to shore it up is fine. I felt with a lot of planning and careful attachments and not overextending the matchup wasn't too bad without additional help but that was just on the surface and I could easily be wrong. My guy wants to add the extra Switch first because it has more value getting quick aggressive starts, and works with Yveltal's second attack. One of the things I'm doing with a lot of the lists is experimenting. I'm running cards I think are worth testing, and a lot of them may get the ax for cards that are needed to shore up problem matchups. I'm curious what you are cutting for the Tool Scrapper. Have you passed judgment on the Sableye by chance? That and Absol are the first on the chopping block for me at the moment.

    Also, I thought it was a great idea to stream the finals for every age group. I won't say it was my idea, but I was wholeheartedly behind it once it came up. I'm glad it went over well.[DOUBLEPOST=1392200713][/DOUBLEPOST]Also, trying some new things with the Yveltal Bouffalant deck. Looking at adding a 1-1 Garbodor into the deck as an answer to the Fairy deck. I don't mind the deck not being able to use Lazer against Gensect decks so much, but when they are also using Max Potion against you and such, it is brutal. The Fairy decks I've seen so far haven't been using Catcher, so the 1-1 Garbodor should tip that matchup. I'll try and have an updated list shortly, sure would be nice if I could get ahold of Yveltal's on PTCGO to test more XD
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    Well, we are talking about juniors testing these decks right now, my husband and I haven't had a chance to test with this list yet. My son forgot the Dark Patches so that info is not going to be too helpful, lol. His deck based off your list has Shadow Circle, Super Potion, and Roller Skates :D

    We do like the Sableye and are undecided about the Absol. Escape Rope is good and he loves the Comp Search, so he probably won't do Scramble Switch. We do have a Fairy deck so we will be testing it against that today. I'll also give him your ideas here, thanks!
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    My dad judged those finals...said it was a lot of fun to watch and that both kids played an excellent match. Whichever of the two was yours, congratulations to him on a great game!

    As for the article, this is one of the best UG articles I have read in a long while...and that's saying a lot considering the high quality of writers. Thank you for such an in-depth analysis!
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    So we have tested more with Yveltal/Bouffalant. I had a hard time getting dark energy into the discard, but I'm not an experienced Darkrai player so maybe I'm not good at it. Anyway, we are taking out the Sableye and Absol for another ultra ball and a Professor's letter. But it won 5/6 games in testing yesterday.