“It’s Been a Minute” – An All-Inclusive Tome on the Early NXD-XY Format

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    Hi Chris...just wanted to concur with what's already been said. One of the BEST articles in a while. I hope that you continue to write. A couple of things you did really well.

    1. You identified what a deck must overcome/face in other certain to see top tier decks - so many people miss this in deck choice and deck building
    2. I liked your self-identification of how much testing versus theorymon went into you lists - really appreciated
    3. Your article reflected that you looked at several potential decks new and old into your testing.

    Again, thanks.
  2. Vysekun

    Vysekun The Ninetales and the Grapes

    So, I won a cities with Trevenant yesterday. Thanks for your insight here @Ruiner !
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