It’s the Final Countdown – Mike’s Last Thoughts Before Nationals

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by MDiaz1, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Great article!

    Would just like to point out that in the Quad Snorlax vs. Goth matchup, if you start vs. anything not named Mew, Gothita, or Shelmet (granted that doesn't leave much) they can never retreat, so it turns the game into an awful Colress vs N battle to see who decks out first, which you can sadly only win if you go 2nd.
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    Then Snorlax can use items like laser.
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    Which then knocks out something and allows them to send up gothitelle. Nope, you don't want to do anything but deck them.
  5. superw8

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    Then they can't attack, and you win on time if neither player decks out by then, or it turns into a deckout war in which you N for less cards.
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    I have a question, what do you think about super rod in blastoise. Because sometimes you need it for when they knock out your squirtles early on and/or you discard too many blastoises, but other times you get it in your opening hand or it is just a dead card.
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    Can I just say, I feel very lucky to be having my nationals this weekend. If there was more time for ZekEels to be play tested, I would have to prep to face the deck, and currently, I'm sure the matchup would be unfavorable for my deck choice.

    ZekEels throws a wonderful wrench in the gears of the current format. Definitely a top contender to watch out for at US Nats.
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    Nice article mike. Ill see you guys at league this week.... (We can mirior match LuxChomp's....XD) Im not to worried about quad snorlax. It's given a pretty good run in Japan! Once again I'm never really worried about any match

    Nationals will be awesome. Ill finally be able to see some of my teammates from Cali. Also just a few points needed for worlds invite, if I don't make them at nats then grinders is always an option!!!!
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    superw8: Seems to me Snorlax needs items way more than Gothitelle needs retreat. Most Snorlax builds can only do damage through lasers and maybe Rock Guard and maybe Rocky Helmet or Frozen City. Gothitelle active can attach two DCE and Madkinesis for 30, five shotting each Snorlax. (I think Snorlax only survives active Gothitelle if Snorlax gets Rock Guard attached T1, and Goth player has something prized, like a DCE, that prevents finishing the job with a second Gothitelle.)
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    Both players can go a long time by hoarding cards and waiting until the very end to play Colress or N. The other way to win with Snorlax (if you have locked Munna or Duskull active) is to simply draw and pass (playing Colress or N when necessary) until time is called. Only then should you poison the defending Pokemon.
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    Great article, Mike! I especially liked the Zekeels list. I do have a question, though: can the deck deal with the T1/T2 plasma Kyurem? If so, how? I understand that Mr. Mime helps prevent some of the bench damage, but I feel like it's very difficult to get a counter attacker early game to prevent losing all of your Tynamos.