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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by MistaMalice, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    Hello Everybody. I have some codes I'd like to sell. I've sold codes to various people on this site and you can see my feedback on my profile. I usually type them out and send them via e-mail or a PM, but I can send them to you physically if you'd like with shipping fees applied. I only take Paypal Payments (marked as "Family & Friends" to avoid fees) and will send you the codes after payment has been received. Here's a list of what I have with Prices...

    .35 cents ea
    50x XY Codes

    .30 cents ea
    116x Plasma Blast Codes
    43x Plasma Freeze Codes

    .25 cents ea
    1x Next Destinies Codes
    67x Dark Explorers Codes
    4x Legendary Treasures Codes
    1x Season 1 League Promo Codes (Skyla)
    7x Season 2 League Prome Codes (N)
    2x Season 3 League Promo Codes (Bianca)
    3x Season 4 League Promo Codes (Enhanced Hammer)

    We go through quite a bit of Boosters often so I'll update this whenever I get a good stack going or right after I sell any. I work Graveyard shift so bear with me if I don't respond instantly to your messages, but I will sell the codes to whoever asks first for the codes and in that order.
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  2. MySlimey

    MySlimey New Member

    I'll buy all the boosters that are .25 ea. 1 Darkrai EX promo, 2 Deoxys Promos, 2 Mewtwo EX promo codes for $7
  3. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    ^^^ how about $8.50?
  4. iamnotlame

    iamnotlame New Member

    Damn, guessing i missed out on these free codes!
  5. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    Try em out.. nobody's said anything about redeeming them.
  6. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    I'd like 50 PLF codes for $17.50.
  7. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    I'll send ya a PM with my info :)
  8. Jorgie

    Jorgie New Member

    Heya, I'd like to buy 50 plasma blast codes, 2 deoxys and 2 keldeo codes please. PM me
  9. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    No prob.. PMing now.[DOUBLEPOST=1382567864,1379394691][/DOUBLEPOST]Bump for more codes added..
  10. Heylisten

    Heylisten New Member

    I'll take a Darkrai and 2 mewtwo codes. Also your 7 DE pack codes. PM me
  11. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    PM Sent :)
  12. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    Bumped with Legendary Treasures Boosters..
  13. Khalldor

    Khalldor Member

    Hi there, I'd take 81 LT codes for $24.30
  14. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

  15. Khalldor

    Khalldor Member

    Just bought 100 LT codes for $30.00
    Sent the codes numbered, incase of any redeeming ussues (they were none). Which I found a great idea.
    Definitely would do business with again!
  16. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    Thanx Khalldor and it was great doing business with you!
  17. Blockhead_J

    Blockhead_J New Member

    Hi MistaMalice. I'd like to buy the following:

    $1 ea
    3x Mewtwo EX Codes
    2x Deoxys EX Codes
    1x Lugia EX Code

    .30 cents ea
    51x Legendary Treasures

    .25 cents ea
    7x Boundaries Crossed Boosters
    2x Dragons Exalted Boosters
    2x Next Destinies Boosters

    I believe that totals $24.05.

    Would be interested in any additional promo codes, 25 cent booster codes, and 30 cent booster codes if you have any extras that you have not yet listed. Thanks!
  18. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    PM Sent......
  19. Blockhead_J

    Blockhead_J New Member

    Thanks MistaMalice - all codes redeemed without any issues. Hope to do business again sometime.
  20. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    ^^^ Thanks Blockhead!