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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by MistaMalice, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. BillyOneUp

    BillyOneUp Pokémon Fan

    I'm interested, do you have any codes left? By the way I have 15 codes for random booster packs all unused but I don't know for what packs they are - I can either sell .35 ea or trade for some of your codes that are the same value? - you might get lucky all I know is that there for booster packs and there unused don't know witch ones. PM me if you are interested :)
  2. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    ^^^ I do have all the codes listed.

    I'm not looking to trade or buy though,, just to sell the ones that I have.
  3. BillyOneUp

    BillyOneUp Pokémon Fan

    Ok, well in afraid ill have to sell the ones I haves before I can buy some more packs ( I would like specifically plasma blast codes ) when I have just a bunch of 15 mixed codes Plasma blast, storm, freeze, dragons exalted, legendary treasures ,etc and I don't know for what code corresponds to what specific pack. So ya, If I am able to sell my lot of codes, I will get back to you and perhaps purchase some of your codes... :) Pm me anytime if you have questions or whatever
  4. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    No problem. Sorry I can't be of assistance, but I don't play PTCGO and I'm just looking to sell the ones I have posted. Let me know if you do sell the ones that you have though, because I do have plenty of Plasma Blast Codes. I'll have a bunch of the upcoming set as well in a few weeks too :)
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  5. icemanmatt

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    Would you take $25 for your 113 LTR codes?
  6. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    ^^^ PM sent...
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  7. nevela

    nevela New Member

    would you take 17$ ?


    x25 Plasma Blast Codes

    x25Plasma Freeze Codes

    14x Plasma Storm Codes
  8. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    Updated with some XY Codes..
  9. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    Updated with more XY codes...
  10. Khalldor

    Khalldor Member

    Hey MM,
    Looking to buy 50 XY codes for 17 USD
  11. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    Hey Khalldor.. Sorry for the late response but I've been outta town for the last week. I don't have 50 available anymore but I do have 20 of them left if your still interested. Lemme know.
  12. MistaMalice

    MistaMalice Member

    Updated with more codes and there's a few free older ones i came across (if anybody wants them) that I've put up on the original post.

    *** The free codes have already been redeemed, but stay posted for more in the future :)
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