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    Hey Guys, what's up, it's Ivysaurman, and this is my sell thread! Hope you find something you like! :D

    1. I only ship when I get the money.
    2. You can either send concealed cash through the mail, or send via bitcoin. Send bitcoin stuff to: 18xDeiArbADSQP6onGnoC8G7thkDzuUdYE
    3. I only ship within the U.S.
    4. All cards are NM/Mint unless said otherwise.
    5. Minimum 5$ purchase.
    6. I'll give discounts for buying a lot, and I'll be willing to lower prices, so send me all offers!

    Now, for the cards:

    In-format English EX's:

    M Charizard EX - 30$
    Venusaur EX - 8$
    Lugia EX LTR - 6$

    Older English UR's:

    Meganium Prime (Edgewear on right side of the back of card) - 2$
    Dialga G Level X (Fair Edgewear on back of card) - 2$
    Palkia G Level X (Fair Edgewear on back of card) - 2$

    1st Edition Japanese UR's:

    Pokemon Fan Club FA - 25$
    Charizard EX (Wild Blaze version) - 10$

    Unlimited Japanese UR's:

    GEM MINT Virizion EX FA - 20$


    Oshawott BW03 (Warping due to holofoil pattern) - 2$
    Charizard EX PTCGO Code (Will be PM'ed or shipped - you decide) - 2$
    Dark Blastoise (Fair amount of edgewear on back) - 4$
    Dark Gyarados Prerelease (Tiny amount of edgewear on back + Crease in top-right corner) - 6$
    Feraligatr Prime HGSS07 - 4$
    Typhlosion Prime HGSS09 - 4$

    Hope you find something that interests you! :D

    (Note: Pictures available upon request)
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    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    Bump! Please help support me! :(
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    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

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    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    Bump #3. I now accept bitcoin!