Ivysaurman's Trade Thread! HAVE: Charizard EX FA, Ex's WANT: Lots!

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What should I do with the Ivy-credit system?

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  2. Keep it, but change the values a little

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  4. Scrap it completely

  1. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    1. Person with less feedback sends first.
    2. I send all of my cards in sleeves, in top loaders. I expect the same from you.
    3. Only English, non-world championship cards please (unless I say differently)
    4. All of my cards are in N/M - M, unless I specifically say other wise. You're cards should be the same.
    5. I only ship to the U.S.


    1. All cards are worth Ivy-credits (IC for short)
    2. To make a trade, your cards' IC value must be equal or greater than the card/cards you want (they can be a bit lower, but I'll have to think about it).
    3. Point values I determine via how much I think that a card is worth.


    Ebay account (94 feedback in total, 100% Positive):


    (If there's a symbol next to a card, check the bottom for a note relating to that symbol)

    English UR's:

    1x Charizard EX FA*** 3000 IC
    1x Emolga EX FA 150 IC
    1x Mew EX (LTR) 500 IC
    2x Shaymin EX FA (LTR) 300 IC
    1x Excadrill EX (Excellent/Very Good Condition) 600 IC
    1x Zekrom EX (LTR) 750 IC
    1x M Charizard EX (69/106) 3000 IC
    1x Venusaur EX 800 IC
    1x Lugia EX (102/113) 750 IC
    1x Reshiram FA (RC) 500 IC
    2x Mewtwo EX (54/99)/(54/113)* 1200 IC/800 IC
    2x Landorus EX (89/149)* 1200 IC

    Japanese RR/SR's:

    1x 1st ed. Charizard EX (11/80) 1000 IC
    1x 1st ed. Pokemon Fan Club (87/80) 2500 IC
    1x 1st ed. Magnezone EX (30/80) 500 IC
    1x unlimited GEM MINT Virizion EX (77/76)** 2000 IC

    Older English UR's:

    1x Meganium Prime (Excellent condition) (109/123) 250 IC
    1x Dialga G Level X (Excellent condition) (122/127) 200 IC
    1x Palkia G Level X (Excellent condition) (125/127) 200 IC
    1x Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND Top Half (Very Good Condition) 200 IC
    1x Tornadus FA (EMP) 300 IC


    1x Oshawott (Excellent condition) (BW03) 200 IC

    Holo's and TSS:

    Video Coming Soon!


    1x Dark Blastoise (Very Good condition) (3/82) 600 IC
    1x Dark Gyarados (Gold Stamp Prerelease) (Excellent condition) (8/82) 600 IC
    1x Charizard EX XY17 PTCGO Code card 250 IC

    * = As these are in my actual current deck, I'm only looking to upgrade these.
    ** = Due to it's gem mint condition, I will be triple sleeving the card, putting it in a top loader, then putting it into a team bag.
    *** = I may need a little bit of convincing to trade this, even if the point values are the okay.

    Red: High Want

    (If there's a symbol next to a card, check the bottom for a note relating to that symbol)

    Wants for YT channel:

    I am trying to start a series where I provide information about a set, then open a booster pack from it. I need a park for EVERY set, so if you can spare some packs, that would be great! :D (NOTE: I don't mind if they're weighed, but tell me first)

    Sets that I still need packs from:

    NOTE: IC values are made assuming that the pack is unlimited. Ask about 1st edition packs.

    Base Set 2000 IC
    Jungle 1000 IC
    Fossil 900 IC
    Base Set 2 1250 IC
    Team Rocket 1000 IC
    Gym Heroes 750 IC
    Gym Challenge 750 IC
    Neo Genesis 2000 IC
    Neo Discovery 1500 IC
    Neo Revelation 1250 IC
    Legendary Collection 2000 IC
    Expedition Base Set 2000 IC
    Aquapolis 2000 IC
    Skyridge 2000 IC
    EX Ruby & Sapphire 1250 IC
    EX Sandstorm 1000 IC
    EX Dragons 1000 IC
    EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua 800 IC
    EX Hidden Legends 800 IC
    EX FireRed & LeafGreen 2000 IC
    EX Team Rocket Returns 1750 IC
    EX Deoxys 1250 IC
    EX Emerald 1500 IC
    EX Unseen Forces 800 IC
    EX Delta Species 800 IC
    EX Legend Makers 800 IC
    EX Holon Phantoms 800 IC
    EX Crystal Guardians 800 IC
    EX Dragon Frontiers 800 IC
    EX Power Keepers 800 IC
    Diamond & Pearl 400 IC
    Mysterious Treasures 400 IC
    Secret Wonders 400 IC
    Great Encounters 400 IC
    Majestic Dawn 400 IC
    Legends Awakened 400 IC
    Stormfront 400 IC
    Platinum 400 IC
    Rising Rivals 400 IC
    Supreme Victors 400 IC
    Arceus 400 IC
    HeartGold & SoulSilver 400 IC
    Unleashed 400 IC
    Undaunted 400 IC
    Triumphant 400 IC
    Call of Legends 400 IC
    Black & White 300 IC
    Emerging Powers 300 IC
    Noble Victories 300 IC
    Next Destinies 400 IC
    Dark Explorers 500 IC
    Dragons Exalted 400 IC
    Boundaries Crossed 400 IC
    Plasma Storm 400 IC
    Plasma Freeze 400 IC
    Plasma Blast 400 IC
    Legendary Treasures 400 IC

    XY 400 IC
    Flashfire 400 IC
    (Soon to be) Furious Fists 400 IC

    Deck Needs:

    3x Caterpie FLF 25 IC
    2x Metapod FLF 25 IC
    4x Butterfree FLF 50 IC

    1x Lysandre 150 IC

    1x Level Ball 100 IC
    1x Ultra Ball 50 IC

    Generalized Wants:

    Note: IC varies per item.

    EX-Series to Base Set sealed products (If you want, they can be weighed, just tell me first)
    Any Playmats.
    Play Pokemon Sleeves.
    Any Ivysaur cards!
    Any RH energies.

    To CYL!

    Bulk Values:

    Note: If the kind of card you have isn't here, I don't want it. Sorry.

    Common/Uncommon cards NM/M: 1 IC each
    Common/Uncommon cards EX/PL: 5 for 1 IC
    Non-Holo Rare cards NM/M: 2 IC each
    Non-Holo Rare cards EX/PL : 2 for 1 IC
    Holo Rare cards NM/M: 5 IC each
    Holo Rare cards EX/PL: 1 IC
    Reverse Holo cards (Any kind) NM/M: 1 IC each
    Reverse Holo cards (Any kind) EX/PL: 2 for 1 IC
    Japanese Non-Holo Cards (Any kind) NM/M: 2 for 1 IC
    Japanese Non-Holo Cards (Any kind) EX/PL: 5 for 1 IC
    Japanese Holo Cards (Any kind) NM/M: 3 IC each
    Japanese Holo Cards (Any kind) EX/PL: 2 for 1 IC
    English UR's (Excluding Full arts)/Japanese UR's (Any Kind): 125 each

    Specific Wants:

    Base Set Holos:

    Charizard (4/102) 2500 IC
    Blastoise (2/102) 1500 IC
    Venusaur (15/102) 1000 IC
    Clefairy (5/102) 500 IC
    Mewtwo (10/102) 1000 IC
    Nidoking (11/102) 250 IC
    Ninetails (12/102) 500 IC

    Shining Pokemon:

    Shining Magikarp 1500 IC
    Shining Gyarados 2500 IC
    Shining Celebi 2500 IC
    Shining Charizard 5000 IC
    Shining Kabutops 750 IC
    Shining Mewtwo 3000 IC
    Shining Noctowl 2500 IC
    Shining Raichu 1750 IC
    Shining Steelix 2000 IC
    Shining Tyranitar 2000 IC



    Mewtwo EX FA 2500 IC


    Darkrai EX FA 3000 IC


    Mew EX FA 1500 IC
    Rayquaza EX FA 1750 IC


    Keldeo EX FA 2000 IC
    Landorus EX FA 2000 IC
    Skyla FA 2500 IC


    Cobalion EX FA 1000 IC
    Lugia EX FA 1500 IC
    Colress FA 1200 IC


    Thundurus EX FA 1300 IC
    Deoxys EX FA 1500 IC
    Professor Juniper FA 2500 IC


    Virizion EX FA 3000 IC
    Genesect EX FA 3000 IC

    Jirachi EX FA 800 IC


    Reshiram FA (Secret Rare) 2000 IC
    Zekrom FA (Secret Rare) 2000 IC


    Venusaur EX FA 1000 IC
    Emolga EX FA 100 IC
    Yveltal EX FA 1750 IC


    Charizard EX FA 2600 IC
    Lysandre FA 3000 IC

    Gold Stars:

    I'm too lazy to put Ivy-credit value on these, but ask. They're all worth a lot.

    Mudkip Gold Star
    Torchic Gold Star
    Treeko Gold Star
    Latias Gold Star
    Latios Gold Star
    Rayquaza Gold Star
    Raikou Gold Star
    Entei Gold Star
    Suicune Gold Star
    Groudon Gold Star
    Kyogre Gold Star
    Metagross Gold Star
    Regice Gold Star
    Regirock Gold Star
    Registeel Gold Star
    Gyarados Gold Star
    Mewtwo Gold Star
    Pikachu Gold Star
    Alakazan Gold Star
    Celebi Gold Star
    Charizard Gold Star
    Mew Gold Star
    Flareon Gold Star
    Jolteon Gold Star
    Vaporeon Gold Star
    Espeon Gold Star
    Umbreon Gold Star

    * = I'm currently in a trade for these right now, so unless I get scammed, I most likely don't want them.

    Hope there's something that interests you!

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  2. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in the Genesect EX, see anything you like from my list?
  3. I have:
    4x Hypnotoxic Laser
    2x Virbank City Gym
    1x Professor Sycamore
    3x rh Plasma Energy
    2x rh Prism Energy
    Whatever else you like on my list.

    I also have the following base set holos that are not mint but have no creases or peeling. Just edge wear and scratches:

    Interested in the following if all mint(in order of importance): All cards must be mint
    1x Electivire FB Level X (144/147)
    1x Garchomp EX (XY09)
    1x Rayquaza EX (BW47)
    1x Charizard EX (XY17)
    1x Genesect EX

    Please ask for pictures for condition if interested. I may do the same.
  4. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    There isn't really to much that you have that I'm interested in, sorry. :([DOUBLEPOST=1401198064][/DOUBLEPOST]
    How about my:

    1x Electivire FB Level X (144/147)
    1x Garchomp EX (XY09)
    1x Rayquaza EX (BW47)
    1x Charizard EX (XY17)
    1x Genesect EX

    for your:

    4x Hypnotoxic Laser
    2x Virbank City Gym
    1x Professor Sycamore
    1x Scyther EX TRR NM (The one with the ink splotch)
    3x Skyla
    1x Hitmonchan holo
    1x Zapdos holo
    1x Magneton Holo
    Last edited: May 27, 2014
  5. Would you swap the Scyther for 3 reverse Skyla? I think it will be a qualifier if I send it to PSA, so I would prefer to hang on to it. Feel free to add all the base set holos as well as a few skyla.


    1x Electivire FB Level X (144/147)
    1x Garchomp EX (XY09)
    1x Rayquaza EX (BW47)
    1x Charizard EX (XY17)
    1x Genesect EX


    4x Hypnotoxic Laser
    2x Virbank City Gym
    1x Professor Sycamore
    2x Skyla (rh or not. You choose)

    Let me know!
  6. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    Could you make it 3 Skyla? Even if not, that sounds like a deal. I'll PM you for contact info.
  7. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    I want your mega khanga I'll trade A FA Bianca for it
  8. BugPokemonMaster316

    BugPokemonMaster316 New Member

    Hello, I'm interested in your Mega Kangaskhan EX SR and Charizard EX FA. I have the following cards up for trade: SR Rayquaza, SR gold Zekrom, Magnezone EX FA, Pokémon Fan Club FA, Heatran EX FA, and Dialga EX FA. I also have a decent amount of EXs if you're not interested in any of these.
  9. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    Sorry, that trade doesn't really interest me. Thanks for the offer, though![DOUBLEPOST=1401242456][/DOUBLEPOST]
    As of now, none of those cards seem worth it right now. However, I do appreciate the offer! :)
  10. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    Virizion or genesect EX for it
  11. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    How about my:

    1x SR Mega Kangaskhan EX
    1x Some random other thing of not much value

    For your:

    1x Virizion EX
    1x Bianca FA
  12. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    That would be a ripoff for me I can do 1 of those for it.
  13. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

  14. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

  15. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    No thanks, I'm fine. Thanks for the offer though!
  16. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    Are there any FAs you need specifically
  17. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    Mewtwo, Landorus, and/or Jirachi would be good.
  18. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    I have all of those normal art
  19. Ivysaurman

    Ivysaurman Human Pokemon

    I do to, except for the Jirachi.

    Want anything for it?
  20. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    Jiravhi and virision for kanga