January 2014 Underground Schedule

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  1. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Happy New Year! Here's the writing schedule moving forward... this should be an exciting month:

    Thursday 1/2: Henry Prior (Battle Fiesta results and XY in Japan.)

    Tuesday 1/7: Dylan Bryan
    Thursday 1/9: Dylan Lefavour (Established archetypes pre-Regionals rundown.)

    [1/11: Virginia Regionals]

    Tuesday 1/14: Erik Nance
    Thursday 1/16: Ray Cipoletti

    [1/18: Missouri, Oregon, and Southern California Regionals]

    Tuesday 1/21: Mike Diaz
    Thursday 1/23: Jon Bristow (New set/decks and how certain old decks stack up against them.)

    [1/25: Florida Regionals, XY Prereleases]

    Tuesday 1/28: Henry Prior
    Thursday 1/30: John Kettler

    [2/1: XY Prereleases]

    Tuesday 2/4: Jay Hornung
    Thursday 2/6: Chris Fulop

    [2/5: XY Officially Released]