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    Well, here comes X/Y. As we don't know that we're getting X/Y Base Set at the same time as Japan for sure I thought it worth to start a thread for it.

    Only thing we know about the set/s is the names, and also the fact that unlike Dragon the Fairy type will be getting a Basic Energy in the TCG.
  2. darkwings

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    Proof on the basic energy:
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  3. Rippin

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    I would assume the text translates to "basic energy" or something to that extent, cause right now, all I see is a picture of the Fairy type symbol.
  4. StormFront

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    Yes, we'll definitely be getting a fairy type, but no conformation of basic energy. If we do happen to get basic fairy energy, with a tier 1 deck to go along with it then obtaining the basic energy to play it will be tricky.
  5. PellOfTheTundra

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    inb4 fairy energy is common and comes in almost every other pack.

    Yeah, I hope that fairy is supported better than Dragon was, because the blend mechanic, while clever, made for many stupidly unplayable cards that would have been actually decent had they just required a single basic energy type + colorless.

    look left of the energy symbol; there's a basic Fairy energy card.
  6. darkwings

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    Look left of the energy symbol
  7. Rippin

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    Whoops, I was staying up most of the night waiting for these scans and was too tired to notice.
  8. galldrin

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    So which pokemon are going to be reprinted as fairy types do you suppose? I know its pure speculation, but what isn't at this point?

    I belive an eevee-lution.

    I'm bad at this game, anyone else?
  9. Rippin

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    Marill/Azumarill- I know it'll probably stay water, but we still don't have one in the format
  10. Googleplex

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  12. SoldiersSpirit

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    Yea...because Rayquaza EX, Black Kyurem EX, and Garchomp DRX were all stupidly unplayable right?
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  13. RJCarrot

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    I think the point is they would be more stupidly playable if they only required a single energy type.

    Garchomp DRX doesn't count, who uses his second attack anyway?

    The other 2 are only useable because of the support system they had, and they would be way more broken if they only required say 2 dragon energy and colorless.
  14. SoldiersSpirit

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    Exactly, so exactly what are you saying to me right now lol? If they had dragon type energy, and the 2 a for-mentioned dragons would be broken, them not having dragon type energy makes them a bit balanced right? Them having two types have made them NOT broken and actually balanced in the game. So forgive me if I don't see your point because RayEels had a good run, Blastoise/BK is still having a good run and Garchomp can still shock tournaments.

    That's 3 dragon types in last years meta that consisted of the following...

    Psychic: Mewtwo EX/Garbador/Deoxys/Gothitelle/Mew EX = 5
    Water: Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Kyurem = 3
    Dark: Darkrai/Sableye/Absol = 3
    Electric: Electrik/Thunderus EX = 2
    Fighting: Landorus/Terrakion/Terrakion-EX = 3
    Grass: Vileplume or Shaymin EX lol? Lets just count these 2 as 1. Accelgor = 2
    Steel: Cobalion EX/Cobalion NVI/Klinklang = 3
    Fire: Emboar or Victini EX/Benchtini? = 1
    Dragon: Rayquaza EX/Black Kyurem EX/Rayquaza DRV/Garchomp DRX/Hydreigon DRX = 5

    So this is a rough list of last years meta. Out of roughly 27 different pokemon that were the most commonly used, Dragon types account for just under 18% of the types played.

    It's the second most played type.

    How is it stupidly unplayable, I don't see your or Pell's point!
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  15. RJCarrot

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    My point wasn't that they were unplayable, my point was they would be come more playable if they had a single energy type. My only point is that the cards that were playable were only playable due to their support. Given a single energy type they would be more playable outside of the support systems that have made them playable in other decks.

    Honestly, I just think any type shouldn't be weak to its own type. So having a fairy type to be weak to dragon and dragon to be weak to fairy alone makes it more interesting. Nothing more interesting then stuff like "Hay Gaiz, Whose MewTwo ken attack first lololz!!!!!1eleven"
  16. SoldiersSpirit

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    So your point is that Fire types are extremely playable right now? Correct...?
  17. RJCarrot

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    No because they haven't made any good cards for them. But if Heatran required a FMColorless he would be less playable.

    Requiring more colors makes it harder to play, requiring less makes it more playable.
    Bad cards are bad cards.
  18. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    I'm sorry if mods think we're getting off topic but I just don't see how you think rayquaza and black kyurem would be more playable if they required one type lmao!

    They were playable cards...end of story. We don't know if dragon had it's own energy that it would even have an energy accelerator like Blastoise and Electrik. Black Kyurem EX and Rayquaza EX with dragon typing and required only dragon energy would be WAAAAAAAY Less playable with no energy accelerator.
  19. baby_mario

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    Plus Hydreigon DRX = 5
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  20. RJCarrot

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    I am agreeing with you lol. But you can't say that Rayquaza and BKEX wouldn't be more playable if they required a dragon type and 3 colorless?

    Good cards are good, bad cards are bad, and single energy types are more playable than multiple energy types.