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    In case anyone hasn't seen they have slightly more scans on Bulbapedia of the new sets.


    Aromatisse looks interesting its effectively has the same Ability as Hydreigon DRX (except for Fairy type instead of Dark type) but it is on just a Stage 1, obviously at the moment there aren't a lot of great Fairy Types announced to take advantage of this but if they do ever get printed in this set or future sets then this could be very interesting as you don't need to have the 3/4 Rare Candies that Hydreigon DRX decks do so you have more room for added consistency.

    Obviously it lacks a good attack like Hydreigon DRX has an the other extra boosts the deck has such as free retreat with Darkrai EX's Dark Cloak and energy acceleration in the form of Dark Patch. However I think its very likely that this card will see some play in the future.

    Also Trevenant is very exciting as well. It offers Item Lock on just a Stage 1 Pokemon (thus removing the need for Rare Candies again allowing extra room for added consistency for decks) and its attack isn't half bad (although Mr.Mime greatly reduces its playability) maybe we might see this replace Gothitelle EPO in some Trainer Lock decks (most notably Accelgor variants) as even though it has less HP and an arguably worse weakness (to Darkrai EX/Yvetal EX) it is a Stage 1 card which is easier to set up.

    Other than that Gourgeist looks pretty interesting not sure quite how much use it will have because its main partner in Hypnotoxic Laser is blocked by Virizion EX which is still fairly popular however it will at least see some play I imagine.

    Its first attack can work quite well with the second attack as well as it can finish off multiple of the opponents weakened Pokemon which reduces the need for any teched Minun DEX or other damage spreaders to finish Pokemon off. It will be interesting to try out some fun decks with it and see if any of them work effectively.
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    Red Card is going to be REALLY annoying. Looking through the set, it looks like Empoleon is gonna have a very successful season. VirGen is still going to be a threat.

    I don't see any obvious tier 1 archetypes unlinke the past few sets, so I guess thats a good thing. Evolution Soda, Rainbow Energy and Hard Charm imply that PCL is trying to help stage 2 decks.
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    Mew EX/Sableye DEX/Malamar XY/Fliptini/Darkrai EX/Hooligans/Red Card/Hammers/Lasers :) Welcome to Bad Deck Monday.
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    Roller Skates is an insane card. That's an auto 4 of in every deck.
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    Fixed it again.
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    I assume this is sarcasm, the card is good but its not that great. Blastoise and Emboar obviously won't play it as deck space is tight and its inconsistent. Other decks I'm not so sure... honestly I fail to see why people would play this if they don't think that playing Pokemon Catcher is a good idea. Both are on a coin flip but only one really has game changing effects (Catcher)... if you are playing Darkrai EX then I would still rather play Bicycle because the deck can run through cards quickly in the hand and it often draws at least 2/3 cards guaranteed. Even if I did play it I doubt I would play 4 unless I was playing a really fast rush version of Darkrai EX which wouldn't be a great play anyway imo as it would filter out pretty quickly.
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    Actually, I don't think Darkrai/Yveltal decks will have time to be Junk Hunting as often as Darkrai decks are now; Yveltal will most likely be taking the position of early game pressure starter.
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    It isn't fair how the Japanese can abuse Inkay's ability with Imakuni?. Fun deck builders outside of Japan will feel left out. Anyone for Rhydon mill?
  11. Gourgeist/Garbodor/Lasers looks fun. Garby shuts off Virizion, and you will already be running Tools so you obviously throw in Exp. Share to stream Gourgeist. Perhaps even Evolution Soda could work to get out your Garbodors and Gourgeists consistently.
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    Except you take an auto loss to Yveltal. Also, there's rumor that the Gourgeist translation may have been mistranslated.
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    An Aromatisse/Max Potion/Techs deck could be very interesting. You only get one attachment a turn, of course, but maybe you could use Victini EX to accelerate some basic fairy early.

    Conkelldurr has some potential as well if the translation is right.
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    Trevenant will replace Gothitelle, as it is only a stage 1 but has the same ability. Be scared.
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    grbodor says bring it on
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    Trevenant uses tool scrapper then reminds you that you can't attach a tool back onto the Garbodor. Be scared.
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    lol trevenant wont be as played a gothitell
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    This. Trevenant VS darkrai. Sableye + Confuse ray + Muscle band + 30. Thats 90 damage.Just 90 damage to 110.
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    confuse ray 10
    musle band 30
    weakness 60 total damage
    with 30 darkrai snipe or 30 form lazer or even 60 form previous attack could ko it
    most some darkrai decks have garbodor
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    Treevant is easily more playable then Goth, Stage 1 is quicker to set up and its helped by evolution soda

    You guys act like you're not making lock with Accelgor

    Treevant is a more consistent Goth, and that's better