[Japan] XY3 - "Rising Fist"

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    Why be so rude? I gave you advice before anyone else. If you don't like Pokebeach, that's fine but don't say it is bad advice because there are 2 good pokemon news sites and I was just saying use the other one if one isn't working.
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    Sorry. I will control my dislike for PokeBeach from now on.
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    Just curious: Why do people hate Pokebeach?
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    While in theory I have no problem with 0 Energy attacks (they could potentially be good for the game), the designers have shown serious issues with balancing out Energy-to-damage-to-pace for attacks: we'll get attacks that seem well priced until you realize "there's a combo for that" which results in something obscene; OHKOs (especially before the current first turn rules), all-but-guaranteed (in terms of damage) OHKOs starting on a player's second turn, etc. We've tried speeding up Evolutions and that didn't work... on the other hand pacing Pokémon so that you have time to Evolve before the "big guns" come online has only happened for fleeting moments in the game's history.

    I really miss first turn attacks in a card pool where it means "set-up", not "donk". =/

    I wrote for one of the websites that didn't "get along" with PokéBeach, and I still made use of their resources (and in an official manner XD). It was good advice, but if you really don't want to go, I won't make you. ;)
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    Nothing is wrong with PokeBeach's card scans and other news-related posts. I go there sometimes to check out card scans. I like the way they format their scans.
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    It's okay, I love and hate me too. :p

    Eeeheeheeheehoohoohoo! o_Oo_O
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    Well, at least we can all come to a muteral agreement now that WPM has said the verdict!
  8. HighShroomish

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    Quad Shroomish is soooooo broken. Just like I predicted.
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  9. Salamencetrainer34

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    Tackle can do 70 damage, with laserbank and bangle. Get vileplume in play and deal a whopping 280! Best watch out meta, you got a new competent.
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    If only we could find a way to make all Pokemon weak to grass!
  11. jeffrey3421

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    It's actually only 190 damage-(40*3)+30=190.
  12. HighShroomish

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    It actually will 2HKO any 170 HP EXs and 180 HPs get KO'd by poison damage.
  13. Salamencetrainer34

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    Machamp PR promo confirmed. image.jpg
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  14. Otaku

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    ...I now wish the attack had been translated as "Machamp SMASH!" because obvious Hulk reference is obvious... and fun. XD
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    Does anyone want to comment on the possibility that eevee's ability can be used on the first turn?
  16. baby_mario

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    Eevee UF has an almost identical Poke-Power and it has been ruled that it can evolve on the first turn. That might suggest that the new Eevee can do the same.

    But I've learned that it can be dangerous to make assumptions in these cases. Post-WotC, Pokemon follows a 'play as intended' model, not a 'play as printed' one. Wait for the ruling, I guess.
  17. kbs021

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    I wonder how Japan is playing the eevee? I haven't heard any information on it yet. It seems like the new eeveeloutions are made to be good but not overpowered if they were allowed to evolve on the first turn.
  18. Floral

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    The set gets released in September in japan
  19. kbs021

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    ... the set gets released in september? Like for legal play? because obviously japan has released these cards already...
  20. hfechhelm

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    No, phantom gate is realeased in September. Rising fist and the new eevee came out a little while ago.