Jirachi EX - Potential?

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by VictiniCup, Jun 12, 2013.

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    I posted in this thread a few months ago, and I think my opinion is just about the same, minus the odd tweak.

    It's very easy to say "Jirachi is terrible because it has 90 HP and gives up 2 prizes", but unless you put some genuine thought, research, and/or testing into the card, it's also hard to say otherwise. Obviously, the worst-case scenario is that you start with a lone Jirachi, as at that point it is literally a free 2 prizes for your opponent and a waste of bench space for you, but the case could be very different if you know what you're doing with the card. It takes up only one slot in your deck, is searchable via Level Ball, and you don't NEED to play it when you get it or have the opportunity to get it, so if you play it down, it would only be your fault if the supporter you get isn't worth the two prizes. Not to mention that if you time your Jirachi perfectly, you should be able to get your supporter and set up to the point where your opponent can't afford to waste a Catcher and an attack while ignoring the powered-up attacker on your side of the field.
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  2. Zarco

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    Also, item-lock attackers (Dragonite and Zebstrika) are somewhat viable now, and it can save the game for you with no risk alongside them.
  3. RJCarrot

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    I have, its bad. Maybe some good players did well with it in their decks because they are good players, but the card is a liability while catcher is in the format. Calling me names will not change that.
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    Tbh you are just pissing on the forums complaining that jirachi is a bad card without stating a reason. And the only reason you got is "it's a bad trade off" which it is not really most of the time. Have youeven tried out jirachi in blastoise or flareon?
  5. RJCarrot

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    I have tried it in blastoise, but not flareon, though I don't really consider flareon a deck to be worried about. It's cute in blastoise, but it is still 2 free prizes. You leave it on the bench, take your first 4, then catcher and win. I am stating that I feel it is a bad card, and I do. It will be fine when its not a guaranteed 2 prizes once you bench it, but until then its really just not worth it. But everyone has an opinion. If you feel it isn't bad that is fine.
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    But it is NOT a free two prizes. Am I being dumb and jirachi's stellar guidance says "your opp takes 2 prizes. Search your deck for a supporter"
    In blastoise, you don't have the TIME to catcher jirachi unless the stoise player plays it down when the opp has 2 prizes left, THAT is suicide. You can't just assume the stoise player will play it down when the opp only has 2 prizes left
    And do you think it's easy to get a catcher when you have 2 prizes left? Probably used a lot of em while taking your 4 prizes.
    And sometimes you won't even PLAY jirachi. Its not a "your opp now plays with4 prizes if you have this in your deck"
    I know jirachi is crap in a big basics deck but you need to stop whining in like every thread baising a good card just on your own results.
  7. yoyos

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    Hahaha, r u kidding me right?

    RJCarrot, you made a respectable stance towards the discussion. I don't like jirachi either, I know how to play it well, but I'm a player that doesn't like taking any unnecessary risks, so on that note I agree.
  8. RJCarrot

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    Ill respond to this as I have no more to say on the topic as my stance is clear an no amound of yelling or name calling is going to change that.

    Yoyos ill bend on this as I only have tested vs this deck with my Basics/Garb deck and in THAT matchup, Flarion is a joke, Landorus just takes too much of an early lead vs it to have it catch up. I could see in a matchup like Genesect though how that could prove to be an annoyance.
  9. Salamencetrainer34

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    Jirachi is a good EX card, worthy for decks of all size. Who cares if its a free 2 prizes? Who would you rather worry about? A darkrai with 180 HP and a full night spear ready to go? (Along with dark claw and virbank) OR a measly card (Measly as in HP,not ability) that has a one time use?
  10. RJCarrot

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    Again, you wait until the 2 prizes are left to win you the game, then you kill it. Of course you don't let an out of control attacker loose while you try and take prize 1-2. I guess if you are playing against complete morons the card is amazing....
  11. Salamencetrainer34

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    If you really are this worried about the 2 prizes, play super scoop up cyclone.
  12. RJCarrot

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    So now you are wasting a card and an ace spec to get a card? at that point just play computer search...
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  13. yoyos

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    basics/garb (which a lot of people avoid playing in my area, could be the mass of blastoise decks), but um, yeah I can see how it destroys flareon, it's one of those decks I like to still see play with, I wish I had lando so I could make the deck but yeah, I agree. On the other hand, Flareon has been taking credit by making good usage in destroying TDK, blastoise, darkrai, so imo we'll just have to see during and after regionals where it stands, then again another tier player said it's the new BDIF (and he runs 3 jirachi in the list) lawl.

    I vote for jirachi...maybe next format, as the dangerous win strategy.
  14. thefazn

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    Jirachi is def a liability in the format as of now in it's current state... Playing a card to get a supporter and giving your opponent an easy two prizes is not a good trade off at all. If you believe it is, maybe you should rethink on how you are playing the game of pokemon, two prizes is quite the game changer, and if a player plays the Jirachi smart, they are always a catcher away from being devastated. Once the rules change up, the game is definitely going to be a lot different and at that point in time Jirachi may turn into a valid tech but as of right now you would be crazy to run it because it is mediocre at best right now.
  15. baby_mario

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    Even in this format, it's silly to be so dogmatic about Jirachi.

    Can they Catcher it for an easy two Prizes? Sure. But if that means they are ignoring the Blastoise or the BKEX, that's almost always going to be a misplay on their part. Jirachi will usually bait bad players and better ones will ignore it anyway.

    It's still a risk because it's a horrible start and could cost you late game, but we are so badly off for viable set up Pokemon at the moment that it is still worth considering in some decks.
  16. MetalArmedAngel

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    Exactly what the f I have been saying this WHOLE TIME
  17. SoldiersSpirit

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    Not gonna lie though, people who put it down carelessly too early don't like me. I've won many games with it being my last 2 prizes.

    Not saying it's good or bad just sayin I usually like it when the opponent plays it ;)

    It also makes for a cute board o_O
  18. yoyos

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    So all in all, it seems like jirachi does take a slight amount of skill to play the card in being able to make it worth applying pressure towards you're opponent in being able to make some kind of dangerous shutdown towards either being able to take out there only valid attacker for next turn, engine, etc a.k.a. something that cripples them (preferably late game, mid... maybe) but most of the time you should really put it down when you need to be making ko's - ohko's against certain pokemon and need the vital cards to make those kinds of plays. There was this time, when a guy from league asked me how many jirachi I owned (I said 2, and 1 I was hoping to trade) and he told me, don't trade them, they'll be a high commodity soon so I said, okay to be nice but in reality I was all LAWL inside.
  19. jonboy532

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    With the Errata on catcher, Jirachi becomes less of a vulnerability.
  20. jon199

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    I know I'm two months late on this post... but whatever. I still want to put in my opinion.

    I'd just like to make known the threats that destroy Jirachi. Darkrai's Night Spear will easily destroy it in one hit, only three if it's on the bench. Keldeo, as long as it has at least two water energies on it, will kill it. Victini kills it twice with one attack, if it could. Blastoise, even when not usually an attacker, only needs three of it's four required attack energies to be water to kill. Mewtwo, even with resistance, needs six energies between Jirachi and it to get a KO. Also, with Yveltal EX coming out, it will only need four. Sure, Jirachi is a cute card that can get a supporter out whenever it wants, but there are so many threats to it, EXs and not, that it literally is two free prizes for the opponent.

    And this theory about the opponent going for the main threat... I don't know about you guys, but I go for the easiest and most rewarding to kill. Jirachi fits this category perfectly, what with Catchers still out, even if they are nurfed.