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  1. Griffener

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    6prizes needs more color. The bland blue and white is really unatractive. I've been looking around here a bit, but didn't get an account until a friend told me to, just because it looks boring. It's light blue and white. Hardly any color anywhere else. If you look at pokegym and pokebeach, they have a ton of members and they are super colorful and pleasing to the eye. It actually kida hurts to look at your homepage. I hope you take this into consideration.
  2. pacjac

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    i like it though but thats just my saying
  3. Versilaryan

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    It is a bit bland, but it has a neutral (as in not extreme) feel to it that I kinda like. It would be nice with a little bit more variety in the color scheme, though.

    Wouldn't say it hurts to read, though. White-on-black is pretty standard for a website.
  4. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Maybe you'd like this site better?

    Official Crayola Site - Free coloring pages, crafts, lesson plans, games and more


    I like to keep things simple. If were to redo the colors, I would go just blue and white or maybe even black and white. The pictures give enough color as is in my opinion. The font-type would make be something I'd consider changing, but black text and a white background is pretty standard around the net.

    If you want to know my secret behind designing the site and color choices, just look at any big website out there. I just copy what they do. Digg.com for example... even Google and Facebook. Most people are used to blue accents with black text on a white background. I'd rather copy what the top 50 sites on the web are doing, rather than another Pokemon site.
  5. Kettler

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    If color's an issue, you can always go to my site Griffener: there's enough color there to make you think you're tripping on something very, very naughty.

    But seriously, the KISS ("Keep it Simple, Stupid") principle never fails, and for a site like Sixprizes, which seeks to target a diverse audience, function over form is crucial.

    ...Athough, I do like dark blue on other shades of blue the best.
  6. I thought KISS was knights in satans service?

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  8. Kettler

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    A crayola PC game on CD used to be one of my all-time childhood faves. You guys have NO idea how much I'm nostalgia-tripping right now.
  9. chrataxe

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    I think you can change the colors on the forums, can't you?

    I know most forums you can.
  10. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    I"ve disabled it on here just because I haven't gotten around to making any alternate skins. I'm actually still working on this one, it's not quite where I want it to be yet.
  11. pikazap

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    i kinda like it the way it is and why target its color go to the skittles company and when you say that they will say taste the power of the rainbow and your supposed to come the sites for information not colors the more you know the better remember griffin knowledge is power its just i dont got much money for underground so my knowledge towards that is little
  12. I prefer the less color. I find it much less distracting and easier to read. I can't stand reading article on pokegym just because of the color being very distracting. Overall, I really like the layout and color of the site.
  13. Chemical

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    I like the color scheme unlike Pokebeach's all colored in background, kinda makes me wanna barf with a website with a solid color and just other colors selected for text and everything. I do think we can wait the for Adam to finish the skins, it just not might be his top priority but I am sure he will finish it whenever he can.
  14. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Skins are one of my last priorities to be honest. They are extremely annoying to make. If anyone is good with vBulletin and wants to make one, just contact me and I'll let you work on it. vB4 is just horrible to work with though, I kinda wish I never upgraded from vB 3.8.
  15. 2decktom

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    IMO, I like the way 6P is presented, lots of space, not packed together, not tons of color, overall pleasing to the eye.
  16. Tommy

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    I like the color scheme and layout of the website. I think it makes it more appealing to an older audience than other Pokemon websites. Most Pokemon websites just have loads of bright colors and pictures of Pokemon every where.