“Keeping Your Tentacool” – Anxiety, Superstitions, and Personal Rituals

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    Let me preface my point by saying that the article was well written. My criticism is wholly of the content. The section about players' superstitions, while interesting, is not noteworthy since it doesn't add to the reader's ability to improve. I mean, its great that Brit likes his stubble but it doesn't help me as a player improve in any way. Furthermore, the superstition section is presented as an accurate science rather than just an interesting tidbit. I only bothered to give feedback on this since that section was in the underground category which, for what it provided, is much better suited to free reading. No complaints regarding the quality of your writing though and keep up the good work.
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    I completely agree with what maniary wrote. This really was a well written article, and you can tell that @groudanex has some great writing skills, which many people done have. However, I don't think the content was underground worthy. I know I've read similar articles in the past that covered this topic but with less depth. It was kind of cool reading what some of the top players do in regards to preparing for big tournaments, but like maniary said, I don't see this article helping myself improve as a player. I know it's a weird (but exciting) time in the season with a new set coming out, which has been covered in quite a few UG articles and Nationals the next big tournament. I'd like to see another UG article from groudanex in the future, and I think he can produce a great one! Hope this helps.
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    great article i have 7 good luck charms :) technically 8
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    Thanks for the feedback, everybody! Looking back on this article, I do agree, and I regret that it was something I tackled so suddenly, but I didn't want to do just another Flash Fire article. I hope to do more of these in the future, and hopefully the content will be more befitting of an Underground article. Thanks everyone!
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