Kenny’s Wisdom – Dark Fantasy

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    Kenny’s Wisdom – Dark Fantasy

    Post your comments and questions below! Any and all honest feedback is much appreciated.
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    Hi, my names Daniel, and I want to tell a story. I was playing in the top 4 of Georgia states with Darkrai/Bouffolant. In game one I have 1 supporter on turn 2, and that was my only Colress. So I play the Colress( what choice do I have ) for three cards. I have one benched Pokémon, and my opponent has 2. I draw nothing, not surprisingly. I go on to scoop I believe 3 turns later. After going down 6 prizes to 2. Had that been a Bianca I would have drawn 5 card and had a much better game I think.
    My point here is that in my opinion Darkrai is a consistent speed deck that needs a quick start and large hand early. Colress is an amazing supporter. But in my opinion running it as more then a one of in Darkrai is a mistake. I believe due to the discarding cards, and the large amount of non- situational trainers in this deck Bianca is a better use of your space. Bianca can also help get u those better starts.
    Finally to Kenny I love your articles. I in fact used your Klinklang article to get my first victory cup. So thank you. And again this is just my opinion. sorry for any grammatical errors English not my strong suite
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  3. QuarterTurn

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    Nice article! I enjoyed it a lot.

    I think if you put Dark Claw in your "consistent Darkrai" list, you might have a slightly better matchup vs. Plasma and particularly Blastoise, as well as get the most from your Absol in Klinklang and every other matchup.

    In the Darkrai vs. Eels matchup, I'm curious what your thoughts are if your opponent gets an early Mr. Mime. Is it worth Catchering it up and knocking it out before targeting down Tynamos and Eelektriks, or should you just get rid of their acceleration and concede that you won't be hitting the bench at all that game?
  4. kabutops

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    Leave the mine that one extra turn with eels could change the game completely if u do catcher the mine it will still take R&D turns to build an eel ko always kill the eels
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    A Yu-Gi-Oh pic on a Pokemon site!!!! Come on man.... That's weak sauce!!!!

    Jk Nice article.

    Thanks for sharing your testing info with us. I'm about 30 points away from invite. It's killing knowing that I'm so close and was on fire this year and I have to do well at nats....;)
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    I can see that. I think Colress is extremely powerful, but that point is completely fair.

    And thanks! Good to hear that my Klinklang could earn you a Victory Cup! :)

    I'm honestly not sure about the Mr. Mime thing, as most of the lists I've been testing against having ran Mr. Mime. I would think that if you have a Catcher it's probably more important to catcher a Tynamo or an Eel and kill it directly, but you probably need to deal with the Mr. Mime eventually. Good question!

    Thanks for reading!
    Good luck! I'm sure if you focus you can get there. :)
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    Nice article! What is your opinion on Bicycle in Darkrai decks? I had thought it was good for speed and worth the space, but do you disagree?
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    I don't like the card in general and think there are so many better things you can be running, especially with Absol out. It's certainly not downright teririble, but I wouldn't advocate it.
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    Could you please explain energy search in a deck with no Skyla? Why not just another dark energy? Also a 4th Ultra Ball might be helpful to get early energy into the discard for Patch.
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    could you explain to me a more in depth look at the blastiose match up?