Kenny’s Wisdom – Eelektrik Circus

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    This is the thread for discussing the following article:

    Kenny’s Wisdom – Eelektrik Circus

    Post your comments and questions below! Any and all honest feedback is much appreciated.
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    In your final list you mentioned how Skyla might be better in the list rather than Random Recievers. Wouldn't the ability to search out Tropical Beach T1 be immensely better than maybe getting some other supporter? Why was Random Reciever even considered over Skyla?
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    I'd play Random.

    Eels is a deck where you never need "just one" of anything to set yourself up. Skyla can grab you a Beach, but it won't get you another couple Tynamos benched that turn. It won't help you mid game cause you still need a fire attach AND 2 Eelektrik. It won't help you late game because you need an Energy attachment and an attacker (might help late game a bit more).

    But yeah... RayEels is a deck where you never only need one card per turn. I'd never play Skyla in it. I wrote in my article that Beach is not a searchable consistency out, but rather a counter-stadium that happens to be a first-turn draw out as well. 2 birds with one stone. You don't really want to leave Virbank up in this format (accelerates perfect numbers) so a counter-stadium is very nice to have. But Eels has never needed those extra slots to be supporters anyways (Beach replaced SAB), so don't make the mistake of thinking "I MUST BEACH T1 OR I LOSE."

    The deck is just plain good.

    Honestly, I expect Eels to make Top 8 US Nats.
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    Asking people to not play in the last chance point tournament is silly. Integrity of any event should be the highest order priority and asking people to not play the event is damaging integrity. Last I checked everyone will have the same chance at entering the event, so you cannot claim any type of "unfairness" in getting into the event for the 200-399 crowd. Then, the players between 200-399 are not entitled to this event. It is a bonus, so people need to stop acting like spoiled little kids when it comes to getting to play in this.

    Now, there have been many people talking about how "grinching" is so bad. But, if you have fewer than 400 points at the time of this event you have not earned your world's invite, and if you lose to a player with fewer than 200 points in this event you, again, did not earn your invite. Players with 200-399 points are not always better than players without 200 points (for a multitude of reasons), and they are not entitled to win against players with less than 200 points.

    Your side of the argument also acts like it's selfish for <200 crowd to play in this event. Well it is even more selfish and bratty/entitled/etc. to demand that sub-200 players stay out of the event.

    Another argument is that the event is "for" 200-399 players. Well we know that part of the reason it is open to 248 total players is so that the prize pool comes close to matching the size of the event. If you limited the event to the 200-399 players the event would not be big enough to warrant 200 points as a prize. However, perhaps P!P also wanted sub-200 players in the event so that the event retains it's integrity and forces the winners to actually earn the points against a representative field.

    Earn your points, plain and simple.

    As for incentive to play for the <200 crowd, there are several legitimate reasons:

    1) Pride. For some (I know I would be in this boat if I could make it to Nats), we don't get to play in high caliber events that often due to life constraints. Part of the competitive pride and fun in any endeavor is testing yourself against the best the activity has to offer. I only got to 1 Regional, 1 State, a few BR, and a CC. If I was there I would 100% be in this event to test myself.

    2) Integrity. By asking players to lay down for the 200-399 point players you are drastically damaging the integrity of the event.

    3) Fun. Playing the game is fun, plain and simple. Playing the game when something is on the line makes the game better.

    There are plenty of reasons for sub 200 players to play.

    Now onto reading the rest of the article :)[DOUBLEPOST=1372876693][/DOUBLEPOST]As for the article, I have a few points to discuss:

    1) I think you need more testing on Zeels before trying to present it in a paid article. It seems that you are stuck in the RayEels mindset when it comes to Zeels

    -First, you don’t need 4-4 Eels. Zeels is not a deck that needs constant energy acceleration because your attackers mostly are not continuously discarding Energy from attacking. It is actually entirely possible to win without Eels hitting the field because you can use Bouffalant for 120 on turn two. Eels is more like a safety net in this deck than an essential focus. Think of the deck more like the old CMT.

    -Second, you don’t need the heavy CFF starters because you don’t need multiple Tynamos out that quickly. It can actually slow you down because you waste an Energy on Shaymin that could have allowed you to Gold Breaker on T2.

    -I do agree that the list should have one more Level Ball though.

    - The seven Energy isn’t so bad once you ditch the RayEels mentality.

    2) As for RayEels, I think you might want to reconsider Baby Ray because Blastoise is quickly gaining steam heading down the final stretch. You will want a non-EX that can easily deal with Black Kyurem EX.
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    100% agree, well said.
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    Kennan's awesome, glad you gave him the props.
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    No-one should be made to feel that it's bad or wrong for them to play in a Pokemon tournament.