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    Just wish people newer to the game had even a slim chance of making any of the lists you provided....minimum 800 for cat list with just beaches! Oh well....
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    You do not need Tropical Beaches to do well at a tournament.

    Check out a couple of the decks from the NorCal regionals:

    1st Place Darkrai:
    Top 8 (2) Big Basics:

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    Any thoughts about Scoop Up Cyclone? It feels like a card that was designed specifically for this deck, but I've hardly seen any mention of it recently.
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    I did consider making a budget list without Beaches, but at the end of the day decided that it probably wasn't worth it. I believe that if you don't have Beaches you simply shouldn't run Blastoise. Not that its fair, the price of Beach is absolutely ridiculous and it's awful, but non-Beach options are probably your best bet there.

    Scoop Up Cyclone has been talked about in the past and is pretty perfect for this deck, but I don't think you can forego Computer Search or Dowsing Machine for it, unfortunately.
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    ^This is honestly why Pokemon should have gone with "1 ofs" rather than Ace Specs IMO or even considered making Ace Specs 2 per deck.
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    Yeah, while Ace Spec's open up a lot of design space in deckbuilding, I don't think there would've been anything wrong with being able to run 4 total (1 of each), or just 1 of each in general.