Kenny’s Wisdom – The Infamous (Rayquaza/Emboar Deck Analysis)

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    Love the caption under the secret rare Rayquaza. Lol!
  3. JayHornung

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    Just a couple quick thoughts :)

    The main reason right now to play Emboar over Blastoise IMO is the Latias EX which didn't see play in either of your lists :(
    -Zekrom gets the odd kill while Zapdos is on a flip.
    -Keldeo EX is absolutely worth playing IMO as you can still manually retreat it. (which the deck can easily fund with SER).
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    For those interested….

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    I forgot that Zekrom existed...
  6. Crawdaunt

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    Tis an option for Blastoise to use as an empoleon counter as well. But emboar makes better use of it since it can stick reshi on the bench :) In Boar it also ohko's Lugia as a non-ex, and can mix in for OHKO on many non-ex attackers. It's the main reason I'd run emboar over Blastoise. Hadn't even considered Latias ex til Jay mentioned it!
  7. JayHornung

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    It's very popular around here...the 120 vs 80 doesn't come up as much as you would think it would, but it's still a nice opition.
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    How does Latias ex work in this deck? You don't run psychic energy in the deck and the blends are on two different cards?
  9. JayHornung

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    You run 1 Psychic Energy
  10. areuter

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    Actually, Blend GRPD has FIRE, dark, grass, and PSYCHIC
  11. JayHornung

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    The 1 Psychic is better since you have synergy with SER
  12. areuter

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    Well, you don't need to have SER always. I mean, you can have 1-2 Blend GRPD just for Latias and if you need to, you can use it with Rayquaza. Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you also use Inferno Fandango with Blend? Or is that just with basic?
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    Just Basic energy for Emboar. Also the 1 Psychic is slightly better incase you discard it early from Juniper or something.[DOUBLEPOST=1387299711][/DOUBLEPOST]It's also searchable with Energy Search or Cilian