“Kettler’s Laboratory” – Understanding the Biology of X and Y

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    Amazing article, great read! Good job!
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    Great article. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it tends to make articles a bit more cluttered, I kind of wished their were more scans of the cards you covered so I didn't have to open them up in a separate tab so often (this may be the editor's doing--just a suggestion though), though it wasn't unbearable.

    Regardless, this article got me extremely excited for this set to be released as I think this can possibly bring a ton of variety to the format--one can hope, at least.
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    ^ Originally this article was scheduled for next week, but Mike Diaz wanted to switch with me, and I didn't mind doing so. Plus, I felt it was as relevant this week leading up to Pre-releases. If you'd like, though, scans should be out real soon, I bet! :)
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    Great article. Why did you provide predicted decklists for Xerneas but not Yveltal?
  6. Adam

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    I'll try to go through again later and add direct links to the translations. There aren't too many English scans out yet.

    EDIT: Actually I'm going to hold off on that; scans should be out this weekend. The way I formatted the article it's going to be messy to add links.
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    "Deck and Covenant" <3

    Please let that be it's name. I hope that sticks.
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    Because the body of knowledge existing for Xerneas is way smaller than that of Yveltal, which has Darkrai lists to base it off of stemming back to 2012. So my main point with Yveltal can be summarized as: "It will be different from your standard Darkrai list, but building it like Darkrai is the best starting point," and hence no list.

    Xerneas, on the other hand, begs for a deck list. The article wouldn't have been complete without it.
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    Ah I see. All. i wanted to know is how many yveltal would be played, i know what list i want to run bar pokemon counts
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    Scans are out on Pokebeach now! I'll be looking these over, but here's a very small addendum to my article based off of different text:

    -Max Revive is actually much better than I was led to believe. Rather than shuffle the Pokemon back into your deck, it puts it on top. It probably still doesn't have a place in the format yet, but it at least combos nicely with Item draw cards, Delphox, and Tropical Beach.

    -Jigglypuff 87 from the English set has an interesting second attack called "Heartfelt Song," which discardsDarkness Energy from their active. While this is not great in general, it can prove to be extremely handy in locking an opponent's energy. This includes Rainbow, Blend GRPD, and Prism.

    -Like Adam says below me, there is NO Pal Pad. However, you all should store it in your memory banks for later: Unless it's one of those Japanese-only winner promos, it would make a huge impact on our metagame.
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  11. Adam

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    ^ that's actually a pretty neat card now!

    It appears there is no Pal Pad, so I'll remove that part from the article. I'm surprised we didn't get it!
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    That Swellow is also a lot better than the original Pokebeach translation made it out to be. It doesn't have to be Active to use Drive Off which is nice.
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    Great article really enjoyed reading it, just a minor mistake that I picked up and would like to clarify, thanks :).

    Under the Vivillon section there is an error when you say "Lastly, the two Cassius" whereas in the list there is just 1 Cassius, I was wondering whether there were meant to be 2 Cassius in the list or if this is typo, thanks :).
  14. Kettler

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    Thanks for catching that! The first list tested ran two, but since it inreasingly just became a Ho-Oh evac play, I decided to cut it.