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  1. LeandroG

    LeandroG New Member

    hey guys what do u think of this??

    4-2-3-1 Gengar Lv.X
    3-2-3 Kingdra Prime
    2-1 Uxie Lv.X
    1 Azelf
    1 Unown Q

    4 Bebe's Search
    3 Pokemon Collector
    2 Judge
    1 Palmer's Contribution
    4 Rare Candy
    3 Pokemon Communication
    4 Super Scoop Up
    1 Luxury Ball
    3 Broken Time-Space
    1 Expert Belt

    6 Psychic Energy
    5 Water Energy
  2. pho

    pho Active Member

    Which Gengar are you using? If you're using the Stormfront one, you can use Spiritomb for a trainer lock and abuse Poltergeist.

    I would:
    -2 Cynthia's Feelings
    -2 Warp Points
    -1 Expert Belt
    -1 Super Scoop Up

    +4 Spiritomb AR
    +2 Looker's Investigation
  3. LeandroG

    LeandroG New Member

    yeah im using SF gengar, but i don't like spiritomb on this deck, i've tried it and it makes it a lot slower, i can get a lot of decent hits with kingdra and gengar witouth training lock
  4. Charranitar

    Charranitar Well-Known Member

    Oh okay. But I would still use Looker's over Cynthia's to see if they have any trainers for Poltergeist.
  5. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    When you attack with gengar in this deck it's shadow rooming a bench Uxie that kingdra Prime Spray Splashed earlier or an Azelf.
  6. first i would keep Cynthia's feelings! second dont add tomb the idea here is speed! btw 4 SSU or none its to flippy not to max. also drop the premiere ball its not that good in this deck
  7. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    I am currently running King Gar but not as y main deck, I would take out the Premiere balls, a Communication, and a Psychic Energy for 1 more SSU and add in a 1-1-1 Line of Either Kingdra Prime or Kingdra LA.
  8. LeandroG

    LeandroG New Member

    yeah i was thinking about taking out 1 psy, 2 premier and add 1 ssu and one more kingdra prime line. I like running 3 communication it's good for consistency on this deck, so i need one more thing to take out..any suggestions?
  9. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    To tell you the truth I perfer
    Judge or PONT > Cynthia's
    May I suggest you taking out a Warp Point?Everyone in this deck have 1 or free Retreat.
  10. LeandroG

    LeandroG New Member

    how abuot the changes i just made?
  11. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    I think another Expert belt?
  12. well i personally LOVE Cynthia's feelings! its amazing in gengar. So they just KOed a gengar you have a 3 card hand and they got hit by fainting spell. not only do you get a prize and they lose a attacker you also get a 8 card hand
  13. Dewd, Drop the super scoops they are no longer viable with all of the trainer lock, also Cynthia's is a great play in this deck. Premier ball is a no go, and what are you talking about Chemical, you dont need Kingdra LA it does nothing for this deck. Also play 4 Communications.
  14. badganondorf

    badganondorf Active Member

    I felt the same way about using a lot of trainers; however, when I got done with BR's this weekend I changed my mind. I took 3 trainers out of my deck and lost too much consistency because of it. I ended up playing 0 trainer lock decks and there was only like 1 Vilegar there and I didn't play it. Had I played it I still would have won even with the trainers in there. You just have to except the auto lose because no deck can be perfect. Every deck has a weakness and sometimes it can over come that weakness. LuxChomp beat a Machamp deck and a Donphan deck this weekend so it just matters on how the cards fall.
  15. Chemical

    Chemical Front Page Contributor

    Put it this way, You used Your Palmer,All gengars are in discard or prize and your facing a fire deck, Don't you wish you had Kingdra LA in there now?Anyways you can have it there or not but I'm keeping a LA in there.
  16. @Chemical: I invented the deck, there is no need for a Kingdra LA, If all of the gengars are in the discard and you used your palmers already to retreive them and they are still in the discard then that means you have already lost, because your opponet would have taken all of his/her prizes.
    @TheGame: I agree with you about dropping all of the trainers being unecesary, however I find you can run this build just fine without the addition of super scoop up. I ran it with SSU for last season and it worked decently enough but with claydol being rotated it lost allot of it's effectivity. And I promise not having super scoops will not hurt this decks consistency.
    @ LeandroG: If you need help with this deck private message me and I will see what I can do to help you without leaking my entire list, TheGame and dragonlord are actually giving you sound advice but I'm afraid some of the others arn't and I do not want you thinking ill of the deck because of bad deck building advice.
  17. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    Well, super scoop ups only help with a deck consistency by using them on Uxie to help setup more or against a power spray. What about in a straight Kingdra'd have to use em right?
  18. @thegame: well you dont have to, but most people do, thats also because they usually only run one line of attackers in a Kingdra deck. Like I said I ran them before rotation but they just seem to clutter the hand more now-a-days especially with playing against trainerlock. Ultimately they arn't needed in this list anymore but I suppose it's user preference now. Im just stating my list doesnt run them anymore.
  19. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    What would you run instead of 4 ssu's? I almost don't care anymore...I'll accept a better chance of losing to trainer lock if it helps me beat the other 9/10 decks I'll play instead.
  20. DarkMind

    DarkMind New Member

    I'm actually trying this deck out. Do you need Call Energy in this deck?