Tier 2 KlinkCorners - Klinklang BLW, Darkrai-EX, EX Techs

Discussion in 'HS-on Archives' started by thematteo0, May 23, 2012.

  1. Rowan

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    didn't this deck win U.S. nationals? Does anyone know his deckilst ?
  2. Charranitar

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  3. beboppokedad

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    I'm on board with this. Shaymin-Ex gets the boot. Water-Fighting-Lighting types can mix n' match
  4. thematteo0

    thematteo0 The quintessentially British gentleman.

    WFLM allows us MOST of the usual attackers.. Kyogre EX, Kyurem EX, Groudon EX, Terrakion, Coballion, Registeel EX, all it misses is Darkrai EX to Switch and perhaps the late match power of Shaymin EX. This deck will be better when the next set comes out [Black-White EX sets] I think as it can attack with Keldeo EX and use Keldeo's Switching power too to switch out the active Pokemon into Keldeo. Also Boufallant could work in here combined with Eviolite as a hard EX Counter if needed ?
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  5. Charranitar

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    This deck's fate rests largely on how popular Garchomp decks get. If Garchomp decks are popular, this deck is unplayable as Garchomp's first attack discards a special energy.
  6. thematteo0

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    Yeah that is a good point. Although there is some variation in this as Klinklang-Registeel EX variants has a decent match-up with Garchomp [Garchomp can never 1 hit Registeel or Klinklang [in particular with Eviolite on Regi and Cloak on Klink.] , which means Registeel can tank with Max Potion and take out all the opponents Altaria's.Before setting up a Eviolite-Attack 2 combition Garchomp reducing its attack power by 40 and 2 hitting Garchomp while Garchomp has problems even 3-4 hitting Registeel.]
  7. Hydr8

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    How is this deck still tier 2 when it won US nats?
  8. coolestman22

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    ^Because the mods haven't decided to change it.

    Who is supposed to instigate the random psychobabble in this forum?
  9. lufan131

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    Possibly because it did not win it twice? It should be raised.
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  10. galladeava

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    Just because it won US Nats doesn't mean it should be Tier 1. That is dependent upon other factors as well, usually other tournament results. Plus, it really falls hard to LR or EH.
  11. thematteo0

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    Within the new bw on meta coming it will be a tier 2 so the mods decided not to alter it.
  12. coolestman22

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    Especially since they said no BW-on here till Worlds.
  13. pkolaboy

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    Hey thematteo0, just wondering if you are going to upgrade the list to BW-on or just keep as is?
  14. coolestman22

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    Two reasons why not:

    1: Worlds
    2: Klinklang is bad in BW-on.
  15. Monferno

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    No. Klinklang that run Mewtwo lose Mewtwo wars, especially against decks like Zeels with some builds running three Mewtwo. I've been testing Klinklang for months with my cousin and a couple friends because he intends to play it (and has been.) his initial build ran one Mewtwo, and whenever he'd catcher-psydrive my Mewtwo, it was incredibly easy to next turn OHKO his, and now you've just lost three energy. Cobalion is a much better Mewtwo counter.
  16. thematteo0

    thematteo0 The quintessentially British gentleman.

    I have run both.. Coballion as a counter for the main match and Mewtwo as a end-match winner in the Mewtwo wars.

    and @pkola- Yes I will write a list for BW-On. This deck still works BW-On.. its better now with Registeel EX in it. I mean its not as good as HDD... but no decks are as good as HDD at the moment.
  17. isaiah1989

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    when is WORLDS?
  18. lucarioAdventure1

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    August 10-12
  19. thematteo0

    thematteo0 The quintessentially British gentleman.

    </p Someone disagrees about Coballion being useful in this deck.
  20. coolestman22

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    I tested Cobalion in my original list and didn't like it, but that might just be me.