Kyurem PLB, Keldeo, Blastoise

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    Hello fellow SP members. This is my first post and I'm new to competitive tcg, so I wanted to get some opinions on a deck I have been testing out. I have been playing with a combustion blast Charizard deck I built and it is a lot of fun but my decks water weakness seems to be relevant at my leagues and events. Flipping through my binder Kyurem PLB's 150 damage "gigga frost" and largely irrelevant steel weakness caught my eye. I am trying to run him with muscle band to do 170 every turn similar to my charizard deck. I realize black kyurem/blastoise is a thing, I havent seen a list but this will probably run similar. The reason I am going with Kyurem PLB over Black Kyurem, its attack is easier to set up, and alternate weakness now that we have Druddy from Flashfire. Here we go,

    Pokemon: 13
    3 Kyurem EX PLB
    2 Keldeo EX LTR
    3 Squirtle BCR
    3 Blastoise BCR/ PLB
    2 Suicune PLB

    Trainers: 35
    4 Juniper
    4 N
    2 Lysandre
    1 Computer search
    4 Professors letter
    4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    3 Rare candy
    4 Ultra Ball
    2 Superior energy retrieval
    2 Energy Retrieval
    3 muscle band
    2 float Stone

    Energy: 12
    9 Water
    3 DCE

    The pokemon are pretty straight forward, I dont have any techs to specifically counter other popular decks. Kyurem PLB was chosen for the reasons listed in the first paragraph. Keldeo as a strong alternate attacker and for rush in to counter Lasers and conditions and keep you hitting 170 with Kyurem every turn. Blastoise is there for deluge, obviously. Suicune is for stall.

    For trainersI am thinking about finding space for Random receiver in case a number of Junipers or N's are prized because draw is important for this deck. A 2-2 of the energy retrievals is there in case you cant discard for Superior. Floats for Keldeo. 3 Muscle band because hitting 170 with Kyurem is critical. Lasers are there in case you need to hit 180.

    There it is, please criticise, thank you!
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    Even with the existence of Druddigon, BKEX is just vastly better. BKEX removes the need for Lasers and Muscle Bands, saves you 7 deck spots, and allows you to run much more consistency.

    Plus, you're rarely going to get Blastoise/Rare Candy at the same time unless you're running Skyla. Improve your odds.
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